Exclusive Offer: Get 50% off your Annual Loopcloud Subscription
1 Mar '2019
Loopcloud gives you the tools to sound like you, and no one else. The award-winning app & plugins give you access to millions of sounds in the worlds most fully-featured sample manager giving you the freedom to create original sounds - faster than ever.
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Exclusive Offer: Get 50% off your Annual Loopcloud Subscription


Up until 31st January, we are offering 50% off an annual subscription of Loopcloud. This means you would receive thousands of points to spend on sounds, unlimited effects, 8 multitrack loop editors, access exclusive content and much much more for half price. 


To take advantage of this offer, use the relevant Studio or Professional code from the list below in the checkout which matches your location and subscription preference.


Studio Subscription (use coupon in bold)


UK Residents LC50GBP
European Residents LC50EURO
Japanese Residents LC50JPY 
Rest of World LC50USD 


Professional Subscription (use coupon in bold)


UK Residents LCPRO50GBP
European Residents LCPRO50EURO
Japanese Residents LCPRO50JPY
Rest of World LCPRO50USD


Click here to see Loopcloud Plans 


Please ensure you... 


  • Are not already on a Free Trial, you will need to cancel your free trial before you use the coupon code. 
  • Select the right payment plan and click Continue. 
  • Enter the correct coupon code according to Your Location on the payment page. 
  • For any questions, please contact us at [email protected]



Click here to see Loopcloud Plans