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Your production partner
Turn samples into songs with our versatile plugin suite. Loopcloud DRUM and Loopcloud PLAY craft pro‑quality beats and melodies that sound like you, and no one else. Both instruments are included with the subscription plans and free 14‑day trial.
Create your perfect kit
DRUM’s kit generator creates unique kits with every click. Set an instrument per pad, press ‘Generate kit’, and 16 pads are instantly filled. Search and preview samples in real-time, locking the pads you like. DRUM works with any sample, whether it’s from Loopcloud’s collection or your own library.
Find your rhythm
Use DRUM to trigger, sequence, or play in your rhythms. Create a pattern, export the audio or MIDI to your DAW, and save it for future music-making sessions growing a personalised, ever-evolving loop library to inspire you across genre, BPM, style, and beyond.
Faster workflow, lighter workload
DRUM shapes your sound as you create. Use the parameters on each pad to mix elements together as you go. The multi-outputs give you more intricate control if needed. Once you’ve laid down your pattern, drag it into your DAW via your preferred export options.
Signature sound design
Designed with a hyper-focused, easy-to-use interface, Loopcloud PLAY unlocks an endless gallery of pro-quality sounds from global industry experts. PLAY distils Loopmasters 20+ years of sound design and artist curation experience into an eclectic collection of powerful and playable instruments