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Turn an almost endless collection of samples into fully playable instruments. Also get access to weekly content from the best producers, labels and artists. With Loopcloud, everything is possible.
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Experiment and play with infinite plugins - designed to tailor your sound. Introducing the new generation: Loopcloud Drum and Loopcloud Play.
Loopcloud Drum
Choose from hundreds of bespoke kits - all curated by experts. Use drums, percussion sounds and one-shots to create the most expressive rhythms. Sequence patterns, whilst mixing effects in the user-friendly interface. Unforgettable beats - programmed in seconds.
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Download Drum
Inspired beat creation - free for all users.
Loopcloud Play
Browse a limitless selection of instruments to find your sound. Bass, keys, strings and more are all available through Loopcloud. Tune out of the world and express yourself. Inspired compositions are just a few clicks away.
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Download Play
Immediately access playable instruments for free.