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Play. Produce. Progress.
Make your samples sound like you. Create your own basslines, percussive patterns and arpeggios with Loopcloud. Experiment with 8 tracks, effects, tuning and chopping, all whilst staying in time and key with your project. Made a killer loop? Drag a full audio mixdown or individual stems straight into your DAW.
Find the perfect sound, faster
Easily browse your own sounds and preview over 4 million Loopmasters samples from within a single application. Search by instrument, genre, label, key, bpm and more to find what you need. Loopcloud’s AI search technology (courtesy of Jamahook) and intelligent tagging will instantly pinpoint the sounds you want. Get lost in the music, not the details.
Take your music anywhere
Store your complete sample collection in the cloud, saving valuable space on your hard drive. Whether you’ve been collecting for decades or just getting started, everything is tagged and organised automatically alongside your Loopmasters library. Access it all. Any time. Any place.
Take you music anywhere
Where melodies and beats begin
Introducing two cloud‑connected plugins that turn samples into playable instruments: Loopcloud DRUM and Loopcloud PLAY. Featuring sounds, kits and collections from world‑renowned artists, producers and labels. Made for both seasoned musicians and aspiring artists.
Where melodies and beats begin
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