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Should I choose Splice or Loopcloud?
14 Apr '2021
Samples are the most important weapon in any producer’s arsenal - high quality, royalty-free sounds are the backbone of the music maker’s workflow, and the modern musician is spoilt for choice when it comes to amazing-quality sounds.
Loopcloud vs splice post updated

But with so many sample subscription services available, which one should you choose? Two of the most popular sound sources on the market are Loopcloud and Splice. Loopcloud is the biggest sample library in the world with over 4 million unique 100% royalty-free samples at your fingertips but a Splice subscription gets you access to millions of sounds too – so what’s the difference?



Loopcloud offers DAW integration

One of the many feathers in Loopcloud’s cap is its seamless, powerful DAW integration. Splice sounds download to your computer, and from there you can import them into your DAW project…but Loopcloud makes things much more immediate.



Loopcloud is next level - what is there not to love? Loads of amazing samples at my fingertips that I can audition and edit in realtime as part of my project in the right key.  Jack Wins 2020


Using the Loopcloud plugin in your DAW, and with the app open, you can audition millions of samples at the same tempo and in the same key as the project you’re working on in Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Maschine, or any other DAW or music software with VST, AU or AAX plugin support. Samples you don’t own run in preview quality, so you don’t need to commit to owning or downloading anything until you know it fits with your project.


"Loopcloud has to be part of your production arsenal and process…simple as that."  DJ Mag


Loopcloud allows you to chop up samples, add effects, and much more before you buy them, and you can download your reimagined samples as well as the original files.


If you already have a sample library, Loopcloud also allows you to add your samples, and better yet, Loopcloud’s AI will automatically tag your sounds by BPM, Key, Instrument Type, and Genre.



Loopcloud uses AI technology

Artificial intelligence isn’t just a tech buzzword. Loopcloud uses AI integration to help you find the perfect sound, faster. Speeding up your creative process and allowing you to focus on what’s important – making music.


The innovative search functionality allows you to discover samples based on how they would work within your track. Once you’ve found a sound you like, you can instantly discover samples that harmonically and rhythmically work alongside it. Loopcloud will dive deep into its own library and your collection to find samples and loops that work seamlessly.



The similar sounds feature can inspire new creative directions too. If you find a sample that is interesting but not quite what you’re looking for, you can click ‘Find Similar Sounds’ and Loopcloud will recommend loops and samples with the same vibe.


If you have an idea of the sound you want, but can’t quite nail it down, Loopcloud can also help. Its innovative Audio Filters allow you to cherry-pick samples based on their characteristics. Whether it’s tone, length, stereo width, BPM, swing, rhythmic density, attack, or decay – you can dial in the specific attributes you’re looking for.



Loopcloud lets you manage all your samples

Loopcloud lets you keep all your samples in one place: tagged, organised and easy to find. Not just your Loopcloud samples – all your samples. Including your personal collection. AI-tagging automatically analyses and tags all user content added to the Loopcloud library. Select the folder you want to import and Loopcloud will do the rest. All your sounds will be where you need them – when you need them.


We love Loopcloud! The ability to search for specific samples by instrument, genre or tempo and seek out exactly what you need in your track is incredible.  Document One 2020


Loopcloud comes with a plugin suite

Both a Loopcloud and a Splice subscription give you access to a huge array of professional samples. Splice sounds and Loopcloud sounds are both made by some of the foremost musicians and sound designers working today.


However, Loopcloud allows you to take these sounds one step further, turning them into fully customizable sample-based instruments using the exclusive Loopcloud plugin suite which installs alongside the software.



The plugin suite includes Loopcloud Drum and Loopcloud Play. Loopcloud Drum is a powerful, 16-pad drum machine that boasts a built-in sequencer and effects unit – plus it fully integrates with the Loopcloud sample library.


Under its deceptively simple interface, Loopcloud Play is a sturdy sample instrument that allows you to play bass, keys, pads and much more – all fully integrated with Loopcloud’s library.


These Loopcloud-exclusive tools provide a whole new dimension to your sample flipping game, making the process of turning a few one-shots into a fully playable instrument a breeze.



Loopcloud starts from £5.99 / $7.99 per month

Take a look at our pricing page to get a feeling for the three paid levels of Loopcloud subscription. Loopcloud’s Artist plan costs £5.99 / $7.99 per month and includes Pro Loopcloud features, Cloud storage, and 100 points per month to spend on samples and presets. Splice’s base plan costs $7.99 per month and offers 100 downloads.


“What was the master of sample management is fast becoming the fastest and most inspirational block-busting writer’s tool out there.”  Music Tech



Upgrade, Downgrade or Cancel at anytime

There are loads of ways to get started on Loopcloud with a range of helpful tutorials and support features in their FAQs section here - tutorials.  Then there’s the 1GB free Welcome Pack and free samples for signing in, and the 14-day free trial, which allows you to try the unlocked Pro features for the trial duration.  Loopcloud subscription plans allow you to upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.


“Loopcloud is a complete creative environment that enables you to think about your sounds in a totally different way.”  MusicRadar