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Loopcloud is stronger, faster and better!
7 Oct '2020
With the launch of Loopcloud 5.2 you can now find the sounds you need faster than ever before. For users with large sample libraries, searches of purchased and imported samples are up to 10 times faster!

We have changed the way Loopcloud points and daily free sounds work, and unlike other sample subscription services that remove your points when you cancel or take a holiday, you will never lose your points with Loopcloud.  From November 1st you will only be able to spend points when your subscription status is active.

Before November 1st you will still be able to spend your existing points even without an active subscription and enjoy up to 5 free sounds per day.  We want to give you plenty of time to go and grab the samples you need from the millions that we have available, and to check out all of the new exciting collections that we added in recent months.


What does this mean for you?


If you activate your subscription to any of our plans before November 1st you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of a Loopcloud membership and spend all of your current and earned points as usual, you will also be able be eligible for daily free sounds based on your plan.


After Nov 1st Free plan users can only spend points with an active subscription, but will still be able to enjoy many great features of Loopcloud, including getting 1 free sample per day for a limited time.


As a thank you for your loyalty to Loopcloud, we will be announcing an exclusive discount coupon for an annual subscription in our newsletter in the coming weeks, so please subscribe to the newsletter here.


If you haven't already taken a trial to experience Loopcloud, why not Take a 30 day free trial. If you are ready to activate your subscription now see the subscription options here.