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DRUM now comes with over 1000 included sounds
10 Jun '2021
Loopcloud DRUM is bigger and better than ever. If you’re not familiar with DRUM, it’s a versatile 16-pad percussion instrument and sequencer that helps you to lay down unique rhythms and patterns to build upon in your tracks.
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DRUM’s latest update now gives you 1000 free included sounds to put to the test right away. Plus, you can get thousands more from the world’s top producers and artists via the Loopcloud store.


Loyal Loopcloud users will find 500 fresh one-shots ready and waiting as soon as they open the DRUM app. New users will find the brand-new sounds in their welcome pack.



Say goodbye to beat block with Randomiser

Ever look at an empty project in your DAW and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. If beat block is getting in the way of your music-making, open up DRUM. Its innovative Randomiser feature instantly shuffles up all the one-shots in your account, including any one-shots you’ve added to your Loopcloud library from your own collection, to create one-of-a-kind kits.



If you’re not feeling the kit on your first try, just click again and watch and as the randomiser rebuilds kits on the fly, swapping snares for snares, kicks for kicks, and crashes for crashes.


If you’ve been collecting your own kicks, claps and snares, you can easily customise kits with your own sounds. DRUM can build kits from both your purchased Loopmasters samples and any other imported sounds from your sample library. And with over 1000 one-shots already in the Loopcloud library, your beats are never going to be the same again.



Does DRUM cost extra?

The simple answer: no. DRUM comes included with all Loopcloud subscription plans and the free 14-day Loopcloud trial, along with its production partner, Loopcloud PLAY.  Once you’ve laid down your beats, you can use PLAY to build up your tracks with sub-heavy basses, melodic keys, blissful strings, atmospheric pads and much more.


The new and improved Loopcloud

DRUM isn’t the only app to get a facelift. Loopcloud has been updated with a wide variety of new features to help you find the sound you need, faster.



Loopcloud is the only sample library that uses harmonic and rhythmic sound matching – a unique AI-powered feature that searches for samples that work seamlessly with your selected sound. The brand-new similar sound recommendations and adjustable audio search filters also makes the search process even smoother.



How Can I Get Loopcloud DRUM?

DRUM is included with the fully-featured free 14-day Loopcloud trial, and with all Loopcloud subscriptions. Loopcloud is available from only £5.99 / €6.99 / $7.99 per month.



Existing Loopcloud Subscriber?

DRUM is included as part of Loopcloud’s Artist, Studio and Pro subscription packages. Existing users can also download the latest updates here. Download and install the update, and you’re ready to go.




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