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The Loopcloud workflow is now even smoother
24 Aug '2021
Discover the latest updates in Loopcloud 6.1 - including Loopcloud session file improvements, Apple Silicon support, smoother search capabilities and much more.
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Loopcloud 6.1 – see what’s new

Thanks to the Loopcloud 6.1 update, Loopcloud Session files can now be saved and shared, Apple Silicon is now supported, sound pack search capabilities have been updated, and more.



The Loopcloud Session files workflow is vastly improved. Save options can now be accessed via the editor, with Save, Save As, and New Session options all available. Session files can also be saved and opened from your desktop or within Loopcloud.



These fresh updates allow artists to build up a library of song ideas and starting points and collaborate with other Loopcloud users on loop sketches (as long as they are made from Loopcloud library samples).


Loopcloud now has native Apple Silicon support for the best performance on newer Apple Mac devices. REX files support will be coming in a future update soon.



The upgraded search capabilities now allow users to search for sound packs by name. If you search for a specific term, for example, ‘Labyrinth’, you will see any sound pack with that term in the name as well as filenames labelled with your search term.


Last but not least, tabs now automatically resize when lots are open, the user experience is now much cleaner for labels with less than 10 products, and we’ve swatted some bugs that have been causing problems.


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Existing Loopcloud Subscriber?

Loopcloud 6.1 is included as part of Loopcloud’s Artist, Studio and Pro subscription packages. Existing users can also download the latest updates here. Download and install the update, and you’re ready to go.