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Loopcloud DRUM and PLAY get major new updates
28 Oct '2021
Discover the brand-new DRUM and PLAY updates: giving music producers the tools to create pro-quality sounds for unique rhythms and melodies.
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Loopcloud’s plugin suite is now upgraded. Taking pro‑quality beats and melodies to new heights, Loopcloud DRUM and Loopcloud PLAY have been streamlined and improved to give music producers the tools to capture and create inspiration quickly. Keep reading to find out what’s new.



Loopcloud DRUM – Where every beat begins

When laying down drums, every producer has their own approach. Loopcloud DRUM is a versatile beat builder that can adapt to any workflow. Whether you intricately edit loops or create your kits from scratch, DRUM will enhance the way you work with beats. DRUM takes samples and turns them into expressive kits, bringing together pro-quality samples and unique patterns to inspire unexplored rhythms.



Create your perfect kit

When inspiration hits, you’ve got to grab it whilst you can. DRUM’s intelligent kit generator creates fresh ideas and unique kits with every click. Simply set an instrument per pad, click ‘Generate kit’, and 16 pads are instantly filled. Add elements as you go by searching and previewing samples in real-time, locking the pads you like as you keep pressing ‘Generate kit’ to hear more options. DRUM works with any sample, whether it’s loaded from Loopmasters’ vast collection or your personal library.



Find your rhythm

Create one-of-a-kind loops and patterns with DRUM. You can use DRUM to sequence, trigger or play in rhythms easily. Patterns can be programmed and edited quickly with nudge, timing and velocity controls. Every pattern and kit you create can be saved and revisited later. Think of DRUM as your very own loop factory. Every time you create a kit or pattern, export the audio or MIDI directly to your DAW and save it for future sessions – growing an ever-evolving loop library that can inspire you across genre, BPM, style and more.



Finish tracks faster

DRUM gives you the tools you need to finesse your sound as you create. Each drum pad has adjustable parameters, allowing you to mix each element together on the fly. You can then take further control of the intricate details with multi-outputs. Once you’re happy with a MIDI or audio sequence, you can drag it straight into your DAW, choosing your preferred export options.




Loopcloud PLAY – Signature sounds in your hands

Loopcloud PLAY opens up an endless gallery of pro-quality sounds from global industry experts, packaged into a hyper-focused, easy-to-use interface. PLAY draws upon Loopmasters’ 20+ years of sound design and artist curation experience and channels it into an eclectic collection of powerful, playable instruments.



Decades of discovery

PLAY brings together the most complementary and inspiring sounds from Loopcloud’s 4-million-strong sample library to create instantly playable and powerful instruments. The most essential sound design is done for you, giving you time to concentrate purely on creativity. If you want to adjust a sound, the four performance controls and intelligent synth engine give you deeper control to carve out more unique sounds.



Every sound you can imagine

PLAY is pre-loaded with 300 presets to explore, covering a vast collection of genre-inspired instruments. Choose between soulful keys, ethereal pads, cinematic strings, heavy-weight basses, bold brass tones and much more. The updated browser makes your search easier by organising presets by Instrument, Genre and Label – you can even hear audio demos before you commit to buying. Use the four performance controls to experiment with possible sonic explorations as you browse.



Easy access engine

PLAY is designed for out-of-the-box creativity. Dialing in the details of each instrument is made easy with PLAY’s clear and concise synth engine. Give each sample extra colour with the Time Stretch, Lo-fi, and Tilt parameters. 12 more filter types add movement and character. The reverbs, delays, chorus, and various distortions add shimmer, grit, and depth to any sound.



Get both plugins with your Loopcloud subscription

DRUM and PLAY come with all Loopcloud subscription plans – no extra costs, no add-ons needed. Paired with Loopcloud, both plugins give you access to Loopcloud’s ever-growing catalogue, allowing you to shape over 4 million samples and loops.


Loopcloud is available from only £5.99 / €6.99 / $7.99 per month and comes with a 14-day free trial. DRUM and PLAY are included with the Artist, Studio and Pro subscription packages, as well as the free trial.