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Detroit Techno producer Carl Craig releases 'Planet E Breaks'
21 Oct '2021
Loopcloud presents an exclusive sample pack from Detroit Techno producer Carl Craig.
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Celebrating thirty years of his label, Planet E, Detroit Techno legend Carl Craig, has curated fifty of our finest classic breaks and drum kits.  Personally hand-picked and reworked by Carl himself, each sound is essential for timeless techno and house production. And they’re only available through Loopcloud here.



We spoke to Carl Craig about how he took a selection of Loopcloud’s hottest sounds and gave them that magic Planet E touch. Check out the exclusive video below, and stay locked for more from Carl in the coming days.



What was the first piece of gear that you knew you were going to use to build the Planet E Breaks pack?

The Pioneer Dave Smith SP16. If you know this, then you know it’s a beast. I use a lot of hardware, and I could have very easily made this pack inside of a computer, which everybody does. But I need something with a circuit to get it sounding special, and to keep the focus on the drive control and resonance. I just gave it a little bit of spice.



What else did you use for the mixing process?

I went into an API 3124 pre-mic, which is great, as it has output control as well as drive control. So I can use it as if I’m at a mixing console.



How do you achieve that timeless Planet E sound?

My Pultec Hi-Lo EQ. It's a beautiful piece of gear, I’ve had it for a long time and it makes everything you put in sound right. I also have an Allen & Heath Xone VF-1 filter that is amazing. If you can find one to buy, do it and give it to me because I could always use a couple more.



What can we expect from the Planet E Breaks sample pack

Everything has come together to celebrate thirty years of Planet E. You can find these sounds from my fingers to your computer, straight from my mind to yours…


Planet E Breaks is available now exclusively on Loopcloud.