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Top 10 Best House Samples, Loops and Sound Packs of 2022
10 Feb '2023
Find the best sample packs in house music from 2022's crop of artist and artisan samples.
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House music is firmly rooted in the DNA of Loopmasters and Loopcloud, and so when we looked back over 2022's best House samples, loops and sound packs, we weren't surprised to see so many high-calibre entries. In fact, what this list of today's best House sample packs really speaks to, is the number of royalty-free House sample packs that didn't quite make the cut into the top ten.


The origin story of House has been told many times, but we're more interested in telling its future, so check out some of the amazing loops, one-shots, and vocals that have graced Loopcloud in 2022, and you might get a glimpse of the way of the future.  Elsewhere on the Loopcloud blog: Production tips to improve your House music tracks


The 10 top House sample packs of 2022 are…

10. Soul Shake House

9. Organic & Downtempo House

8. Supreme House Vocals

7. Rave The House

6. Melodic Deeper House

5. Keeping It House

4. Solid House Grooves

3. Kid Massive Latin Anthems

2. Martin Rizzola – Organic Percussion Grooves

1. Hugel Sounds – Vol 1



Soul Shake House



Whether you’re looking to sprinkle some soul into your tracks or create that sun-kissed vibe heard in many of your favourite tunes, Loopmasters’ Soul Shake House pack is a pot of gold. Driven by a vision to provide positive and uplifting energy, this bespoke summer pack offers an edge for just about any hopeful-leaning genre out there.


Over 600MB of sound caters for everything from the grooviest of basslines to those blissful Rhodes chords adding luscious depth. Sounds are designed to bridge the gap between machine-made, analogue music and the spirit of live jams, capturing those life-affirming moments of magic all within in a plug-and-play pack.


Despite the pack’s specific soulful purpose, you can expect a diverse palate of sounds to inspire your productions.


Available on Loopcloud.  Explore the pack here.


Organic & Downtempo House



Inspired by the dreamy, laid-back vibe heard at the likes of Burning Man festival, this organic and downtempo house pack dives into a sea of melody. Rich and textural sounds make up a vast palate of inspiration, exploring emotive piano loops and dubby basslines perfect for adding a layer of colour to your music.


The pack nods to inspiration from some of the melodic side of house music’s key innovators in the likes of Sebastian Leger and Adana Twins. It’s about leaning into the loose, acoustic vibe that gives tracks that sense of movement and fluidity. Loops meander between 118 and 123 BPM, offering the versatility to compliment more downtempo tracks or nurture a blissful, ravey vibe.


Available on Loopcloud.  Explore the pack here.


Supreme House Vocals



Are your beats gasping for a dreamy vocal to tie everything together? The tastemaking collective Samplestate are back with its latest output gathering an extensive selection of house-friendly vocals. Offering their seasoned experience with recording vocals, the pack includes several carefully curated answering phrases to encourage layering and experimentation. Each voice comes with several vocal lines that differ from the original yet remain complementary.


This layering approach is a common technique for creating that velvety, hypnotic vibe that can only be achieved with the human voice. From fully-fledged vocals to soft-spoken word loops, Supreme House Vocals is packed with opportunity. 


Available on Loopcloud.  Explore the pack here.


Rave The House



Tapping into the magic of the 90s, Rave The House is the go-to pack for nostalgic dance music. Created by Monster Sounds and Inspired by the formative years of electronic music and its memorable era, this wildly diverse pack meanders through the locker of sounds that make up dance music as we know it today.


From the sleek and sultry end of basslines to the mean distortion that gives techno tracks that raw, gritty vibe, the sheer education of club culture packed into this curation is a unique opportunity to inject the spirit of rave into your tracks. Dive deep into the elegant pad section, or spice up the mood with the 40+ FX. It’s all there to get involved with. 


Available on Loopcloud.  Explore the pack here.


Melodic Deeper House



Explore the emotive side of your music with this unique melody-driven curation. The experienced sound providers Get Down Samples tap into their expressive tendencies in this world of colour.


All samples arrive at 125 BPM in various keys, encouraging you to zoom into specific moods and experiment across the melodic spectrum. Sweeping, ethereal pads are a core attraction to this pack, allowing you to unpick the emotion riding beneath the beats whilst sprinkling some classic piano over your rhythm. The pack also includes five construction kits for you to customise to your taste. Additional MIDI parts and beat elements allow you to edit the kit dynamic and generate fresh ideas on the fly. 


Available on Loopcloud.  Explore the pack here.


Keeping It House



5Pin Media and Mass Digital have joined forces to create the ultimate house music sample pack. Featuring everything from hundreds of percussion loops, subtle organ and vocal stabs to the most in-your-face basslines, there’s something for every house enthusiast in this classic pack.  


Each drum loop is broken down into individual elements for ease of arrangement, allowing you to drag and drop your original ideas into place. This unique segmentation evolves further with the synth elements included in Keeping It House. 


Both dry and wet versions are available, enabling complete control of every sound and encouraging leaning into your mixing skills. Whether you want to remix, mashup, edit or re-sample, the possibilities are endless with this modular, all-encompassing approach to building house tracks.


Available on Loopcloud.  Explore the pack here.


Solid House Grooves



Coming atcha from Soundbox and spanning everything from dark, brooding atmospheres to the sun-kissed terrace vibe, Solid House Grooves is inspired by the genre’s leading artists in the likes of Jamie Jones, Kerri Chandler and Booka Shade.


Sounds are split into more regimented and organised groupings that enable easy access to various flavours. Whether you’re looking for full drum loops, pre-side-chained bass or a simple hi-hat, this curation’s versatile nature sets it apart.  All sounds are presented in a pre-processed form ready to slot into your DAW, creating the possibility to weave between house music’s many sub-genres with ease.


Available on Loopcloud.  Explore the pack here.


Kid Massive Latin Anthems



OG house music legend Kid Massive shares his Latin secrets. The UK artist has been at the forefront of the genre since the early 2000s, shaping a unique sound that has carried him up until today.


Zooming into his Latin influence, this pack provides six bespoke construction kits for you to educate yourself on rhythmic structures and directly influence your tracks. Outside of the many pockets of inspiration, the collection includes a series of high-quality bass notes with bespoke MIDI files for you to tweak as you like.


Regardless of whether you're into the Latin vibe of Kid Massive’s music, the knowledge and cultural history behind this style of music is sure to influence your music in its own way. This is another Top Ten entry from Get Down Samples.


Available on Loopcloud.  Explore the pack here.


Martin Rizzola – Organic Percussion Grooves



701MB of inspiration from one of the world’s leading percussionists. Martin Rizzola is a hugely in-demand artist whose influence spreads far and wide across music culture. From contributing to the work of The Blessed Madonna and Guti to performing live at Barcelona’s Sonar, the rhythmic wisdom in the mind of Rizzola is something every musician can benefit from.


Merging the world of traditional percussion with the electronic realms, this pack captures a beautiful palate spanning intricate djembe drums and tambourines, as well as a plethora of claves, wood percussion and bells waiting to bring your music to life.


Available on Loopcloud.  Explore the pack here.


Hugel Sounds – Vol 1



Get a taste of serene French house music from one of the genre’s most impactful artists. Hugel’s music is rarely out of the charts on Beatport, pumping out a prolific output of top-tier club cuts that see immense support from DJs on a global scale.


Sounds are designed to capture diverse energies, including his signature funk-ridden basslines, driving vocals and unique synth notes. The pack also dips down to 116 BPM, creating the opportunity to colour your more downtempo beats with inspiration from the house world. Combining these opposing worlds is often where the magic happens, which is a key goal in this comprehensive pack, stretching through sensual keys, filtered drums and subtle FX’s to complement your ideas.


Available on Loopcloud.  Explore the pack here.