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Top 10 Best Tech House Samples, Loops and Sound Packs
10 Sep '2023
Discover the Tech House sample collections that pushed the buttons of Loopmasters and Loopcloud customers in the last year.
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Over the years Techno and House producers have taken inspiration from a huge variety of places to pave their own sound. This has given birth to a multitude of different sounds and sub–genres which each focus on different characteristics. 


These sample packs below will provide you with a selection of sounds all the way from the subby Chicago roots to the peaks of twisted techno. Each pack also focuses on a key area of the production process; be that drum design, bass one-shots, vocals or even FX.


Incorporate these sounds in a variety of different ways to generate your own unique sounds in your production. Be sure to check out Loopcloud for more tips and inspiration.


The 10 Best Tech House packs are…

10. High Octane Tech House 4

9. Deep Tech & Funky

8. Trace - Minimal Tech House

7. Samplestate - Minimal Deep Tech

6. Underground Sample Collection 01

5. Max Chapman - Minimal Tech

4. Rendher - Minimal Jams

3. Rawsome Recordings - Deep Tech

2. Twisted Tech House

1. Deep Tech Vocals 2



High Octane Tech House 4



Singomakers continue to refine their in-demand series with the fourth episode of ‘High Octane Tech House’. Their no-frills approach sells itself with over 1.4GB of pumping sounds ready to give your tracks that zesty, up-for-it vibe.


Despite focusing on the high octane and peak time hours, sounds meander through a diverse range of influences with everything from nimble synth melodies to sensual Spanish vocals. All sounds are designed for rapid results, cut up into simple one-shots and ready to bounce MIDI files; you can be sure to raise the roof in no time with this fiery curation.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Deep Tech & Funky



Tapping into the special after-hour energy of the dance floor, RV Samplepacks are back with a blissful curation tailored for those deeper moments whilst maintaining the funk. Noting an influence from Ibiza’s sun-kissed vibe, sounds are inspired by key tastemakers in the likes of Jamie Jones, Archie Hamilton and Michael Bibi.


It’s that unique, laid-back vibe that could set a hazy poolside vibe just as comfortably as keeping a party ticking over in the small hours. Loops arrive at 125 BPM, drawing on the timeless fringe between House and Techno where this sound thrives. The dynamic approach to this pack creates space for experimentation, whether you're looking to create those lean, tech-house grooves or lean more into funk and acid house.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Trace - Minimal Tech House



Are you looking for that crisp, nimble sound of the more stripped-back corners of club music? SAMPLESOUND returns with another educated episode of minimalist grooves, crafting a diverse palate from the more atmospheric realms to darker, tripped-out textures.


Focus is on the fundamentals of rhythm, offering six dynamic kits for you to dive into and craft the hypnotic vibe central to this minimalist style. Learn to strip things back and allow sounds to evolve, gradually overlap and become a wider piece with fewer elements. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just getting started, the organic, plug-and-play nature of Trace is sure to bring inspiration in many forms.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Samplestate - Minimal Deep Tech



Samplestate continues its prolific streak of form with another dive into the deep end of minimalist Tech House. Produced by the devoted producer Andrew Azara, sounds also take influence from the London sound, noting labels like Seb Zito’s Seven Dials and Chris Stussy’s Up The Stuss as key motivators.


It’s in this sphere where tracks sound particularly punchy and warm, flirting between house and techno with a delightfully hypnotic charm. Samples cater for varying moods, shifting through luscious pads and textures, whilst loading your tracks with bounce via the solid, garage-leaning percussion that this pack is full of.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Underground Sample Collection 01



Inspired by the pivotal labels that have helped shape House music over the years, the new Underground Sample Collection draws on a blend of old and new production methods, bringing the best from each era into one place.


The first edition is heavily inspired by Moody Recordings, a label synonymous with Chicago’s House music movement. Over 1.4 GB of high-quality sounds have been carefully selected to complement producers within this circle and its many subgenres. Expect deep, subby basslines and powerful effects to bring your tracks to life. Sounds capture the passion and deviation at the roots of house music, considering every small detail to continue the genre’s legacy in this plug-and-play pack.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Max Chapman - Minimal Tech



Max Chapman is back on the channels with a huge curation of sounds capturing the past decade of his life on the road. The UK producer has remained at the forefront of contemporary Tech House with some huge releases on Hot Creations and Toolroom that have paved the way for this stripped-back, techy sound. 


Racking up over 700 MB of content, hundreds of loops arrive between 126-130 BPM, leaving space for experimentation between the house and techno fringes. Chapman’s signature sound comes across in the brooding sub-bass and classy hi-hats brimming with groove. If you are looking to add a layer of movement and bounce to your music, this curation from an artist with over a decade of experience in the field is a great place to start.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Rendher - Minimal Jams




Seasoned audio providers Samplesate present their next artists series pack providing a peek into the studio of one of Tech House’s leading producers, Rendher. Driven to say a lot with very little, this pack dials into the smaller details, utilising nifty percussion loops and clever FX to nurture stripped-back yet effective rhythms.


Rendher’s work within the Tech House sphere has been pivotal in recent years, releasing music with some of the biggest labels such as Elrow and Solid Grooves. Check out the varying influences behind his music in this comprehensive pack.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Rawsome Recordings - Deep Tech



Dive into the mind of New York’s prolific vinyl label, Rawsome Recordings. Produced in collaboration with the imprint, this extensive pack captures the widespan tastes that make up the spirit and success of Rawsome.


Sounds span from 103-137 BPM, tapping into everything from the more downtempo and chillout flavours, right through to pumping 130+ heaters that the label has become known for. Leaning more into the deeper end of House music, expect smooth synth loops and gorgeous piano samples to bring colour and depth to your tracks.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Twisted Tech House



Bingoshakers are back with another award-winning sample pack aimed at that addictive, twisty taste of Tech House. Diving straight into the floor-filling, peak-time energy, Twisted Tech House is filled with groovy tools tastefully curated for a more commercial, big-room vibe.


Meandering between 124-128 BPM, samples encourage experimentation within the bridge between House and Techno. The reputation of Bingoshakers’ sample packs speaks for itself, offering ready-to-go WAV files to spice up your productions.


Explore the pack here.


Deep Tech Vocals 2



Seasoned house producer Ekoboy and the Nashville-based session singer Chris Burke join forces for a second edition of ‘Deep Tech Vocals’. Taking inspiration from the pair’s unique backgrounds, 139 vocal loops capture a plethora of intriguing and emotive moods to complement your music. 


Each sound is labelled with the key, tempo and main lyric, allowing for ease of access and intuitive production in your DAW. On top of that, Ekoboy taps into his dance floor knowledge with a collection of slick drums, synths and FX loops to spice up the vocals.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.



Top 10 Tech House 'Free Loop Pack'

As a thank you to our loyal customers and Tech House fans, we have curated a Free Loop Taster pack, selecting loops from each of the mentioned packs in this article.  Click the link below to get the free Tech House sample pack.