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Top 10 Best Hip Hop Samples, Loops and Sound Packs
31 Oct '2023
Discover the Hip Hop sample collections that pushed the buttons of Loopmasters and Loopcloud customers in the last year.
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Since its rise in the 70s, Hip-Hop has become the most sought-after and popular genre in the world. Part of its success is rooted in the DIY culture of the genre. Hip Hop has, and always will be, a music of the people, allowing you to express yourself with whatever equipment you have at your disposal, weaving breaks, beats, vocals and more into art. Hip Hop samples all aspects of life and twists them into something new.


These Hip Hop sample packs will equip you with sounds, samples and one-shots to inspire and elevate your productions. From within our dusty crates, we've dug out our best Hip Hop samples – these packs are laden with the sorts of Hip Hop loops and Hip Hop one-shots that'll get heads nodding thanks to the melodics, drums, vocals and more within.


Here are the best royalty-free Hip Hop sample packs Loopcloud...

10. Blessed - Future Hip Hop

9. 8 Bars - The Nostalgia Tapes

8. Soul City Beats - Hip Hop Loops

7. Antman Wonder - Sketches

6. Choice Cuts

5. Jazz Hip Hop

4. Lowrider Hip Hop

3. Scorn

2. Cassell The Beatmaker

1. Coffee Breaks Nine



Blessed - Future Hip Hop



ODD SMPLS present their latest collection of futuristic and groove-ridden sounds from the heart of Hip Hop. 


Combining today’s sounds with the foundations of Hip Hop, this old-meets-new curation offers over 500 MB of inspiration. Plenty of classic 808 loops are amongst a series of decade-spanning samples covering everything from dreamy piano sections, funky flutes and even drill-leaning guitar loops.


Get inspired by this journey through Hip Hop from the early days right through to today.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


8 Bars - The Nostalgia Tapes



OG hip-hop producer 8 Bars shares his knowledge in this sentimental nod to his journey through the genre. The New York producer's work has been instrumental in the development of Hip Hop, producing tracks for the likes of Rick Ross and Joe Budden to name a few.


The motive behind ‘The Nostaliga Tapes’ is to provide serene, high-quality sounds to producers at any level. Tapping into his vast library of samples, soulful guitars sit with elegant keys and fiery synths ready to bring your music to life.  


Each sample has been meticulously crafted true to 8 Bars’ notoriously high standards and stretches between 65-150 BPM, catering for all your Hip Hop desires.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Soul City Beats - Hip Hop Loops



ModeAudio is back with a golden snapshot of that smoky, nostalgic haze of the city. Hip Hop has deep roots in the city, inspired by its raw energy and the analogue vibe of the genre’s heyday. 


Over 400 MB of delights are packed into this pack, drawing from the jazzy end of Hip Hop through to the deep, dubby beats tying everything together. Driven by the warm, retro aesthetic from the old samplers loved by many of the first producers, several pieces of vintage gear have been utilised to process sounds and present that authentic, punchy vibe.


Available on Loopmasters. Explore the pack here.


Antman Wonder - Sketches



Get inspired by one of Hip Hop’s true legends and Grammy-winning artist, Antman Wonder. His work with DJ Premiere and Justice League has been instrumental in setting standards in the genre and inspiring multiple generations. 


Get a taste of his tastemaking ability in his debut pack dialling into melodies and texture. Are you looking to add that raw, gritty vibe to your tracks? Antman’s decade-spanning knowledge has been put to the test in this curation with over 500 MB of sounds, carving this taste-making pack directly from his studio.


Get familiar with that dusty, DIY vibe heard in many of Hip Hop’s biggest tracks with a sea of synthesis, floor-ready drums and vintage keys packed into ‘Sketches’.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Choice Cuts



Lo-fi haze straight from the old school. Choice Cuts is a dynamic curation loaded with nostalgia, offering beautifully swung drums, warm bass sounds and sultry keys.


Sounds flirt between 85-95 BPM, encouraging experimentation between the beats and honing into the classic Hip Hop aesthetic. Energies swing from the tripped-out, enchanting melodies heard in many of the more pensive pieces to gorgeous guitar loops and big synth lines to liven up your tracks. 


Each section is neatly packed into categories allowing you to draw directly from this pot of inspiration and give your music that extra push over the line.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Jazz Hip Hop



Dive into the two genres that have long been intertwined in the history of Black music. Jazz & Hip Hop are a match made in heaven and have provided many magic moments over the years. If you’re into the work of J Dilla and A Tribe Called Quest, you can be sure to find a bucket of inspiration in this pot of jazzy gold. Looking at the old-school innovators as well as contemporary artists in Chance The Rapper and Thundercat, this niche pack is filled with wisdom. 


Over 600 MB of sounds explore Hip-Hop’s deep, soulful ends whilst dipping into the psychedelic territory mastered by the legendary MF Doom. Expect visceral organ notes and sensual guitar riffs next to versatile percussion to add that wide, firm sound to your tracks.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Lowrider Hip-Hop



Hit the road with Singomakers latest output zooming into those lowriding, bass-bopping grooves that make Hip Hop what it is. This extension pack racks up a massive 1 GB of sounds recorded directly from many machines fundamental to that grimey sound. AKAI’s MPC Renaissance is amongst Roland’s classic TR-909, Korg’s MS20 and two trusty technics turntables sampling the finest records. 


It’s a unique opportunity to gain knowledge not only on the history of hip-hop but all the influences that make it such a cultural hotbed. Hundreds of one-shots are ready to blow your drums out of the water, whilst over 50 vocal and melody loops cater for that sultry edge.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.





Are you keen to expand your horizons in music production? Ghost Syndicate presents SCORN, a new curation focusing on the future of Hip Hop and its endless possibilities. 


Merging intricate drums with wonky melodies and detuned basslines, is for the bold and experimental end of music. Tonnes of drum and synth loops are ready to plug and play, waiting for your creative spark to produce some innovative beats and pave the way.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Cassell The Beatmaker



A prolific collection of beats by Ivor Novello-winning Songwriting, Drummer and Music producer Cassell the Beatmaker! Cassell's musical career has lead him to work with an impressive list of new and established artists including names such as Plan B, The Streets, Duffy, Rizzle Kicks, Akala, Keziah Jones, Will Heard, MNEK, Beverly Knight, Kele-le-Roc, Pino Paladino, Faith SFX, Max Stone, New Machine, Lowkey, Ms Dynamite and many more.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Coffee Breaks Nine



Raw Cutz are back with another episode of their infamous Coffee Breaks series. Driven by that timeless sound that feels as if it can loop forever, there’s a reason this series has reached its ninth edition.


Jazzy, laid-back moods are the tip here. 150 loops and samples dive into the smoky, subtle vibe pioneered by the likes of Nightmares on Wax and Guru. A versatile palate makes up old school drums, chunky basses and dreamy chords and horns to achieve that colourful vibe.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.



Top 10 Hip Hop 'Free Loop Pack'

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