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Top 10 Best Deep House Samples, Loops and Sound Packs
20 Sep '2023
Discover the Deep House sample collections that pushed the buttons of Loopmasters and Loopcloud customers in the last year.
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One of Deep House’s key attributes is its ability to create deep and almost introspective atmospheres. A large factor of this is the producer's attention to detail with even the finest of elements. And the sample labels in our stable are nothing if not meticulous, crafting high-energy hits, loops, melodics and material of every sort to satisfy your need for the best deep house samples.


Below are 10 of the best royalty free sample packs which each intricately cover a different niche of the production process. Whether you are looking for some deep emotive vocals or groovy organic drums, one – or probably far more – of these packs has it for you.


If you’re looking for ways to implement your new sounds then check out our Loopcloud article on Ways to improve your house tracks.


The top 10 Deep House sample packs are…

10. Loungin House

9. Control - Deep House

8. Classic Deep House 3

7. Mihai Popoviciu - Deep Minimal House 2

6. Beatport Sounds - Deep House

5. House of Loop - Deep House Vocals

4. Afro Deep

3. Abstract Sounds - Organic House

2. Deep Lounge House

1. JT Donaldson - House Ingredients



Loungin House



Niche Audio are back with a fresh curation inspired by those warm, cosy corners of house music. ‘Loungin House’ dials into arguably the most versatile palate applicable to just about every shade of electronic music.  


Samples provide a window into the rich, laid-back vibe perfect for those mood-setting warm-up tracks and downtempo atmospheres. This pack’s smooth, sultry vibe is the perfect complement to your existing jams; whether you’re looking to add a layer of texture or colour your rhythms, this versatile pack has it all.  


All sounds are produced to the highest quality that Niche Audio has become known for. Adopting a no-compromise approach to sound design, the finest hardware and software have been harnessed to achieve this authentic vibe.


Available on Loopcloud.  Explore the pack here.


Control - Deep House



Veteran sample providers Production Master are back with their next episode delving into deep house territory. Lively, energising loops have been carefully selected to suit the producers looking to give their tracks that professional, full-sounding edge ready for big sound systems.


With over 500 MB of inspiration to dive into, you can expect lean, punchy drum tracks and nimble basslines to pour life into your grooves. Diversity is a key goal for this classic pack, providing a varied selection of vocals, FX and one-shots ready to jump straight into your DAW and take your music to the next level.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Classic Deep House 3



The third episode of Classic Deep House is back and bigger than ever. Undergrnd Sounds continue their educative series shining light on the deep, dubby ends of house. Blurring the lines between old school, classic house and the more contemporary stripped-back vibe, decades of knowledge are behind this curation.


Muscular 90s beats feature alongside hundreds of synth loops and a sea of melodies. Drums are split into full loops, tops and percussion to enable modular and intuitive programming allowing you to experiment and build your own grooves.  


Inspired by the innovative work of Francois K, Murk and K-Hand, this comprehensive pack holds enough inspiration for every producer's path.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Mihai Popoviciu - Deep Minimal House 2



One of Romania’s most prolific exports returns with his second pack revealing the secrets of his deftly hypnotic house music. Mihai Popoviciui has remained at the forefront of minimalist club music for the best part of two decades, building a reputation for his timeless approach. 


Focusing on the smaller rhythmic details, track-ready drums loops are split into several varieties to provide a window into the structure of his work. Harnessing the ability to say a lot with very little, Popoviciu’s work carries an infectious groove that has taken him all over the globe.


Targeting crisp precision and layering, the second episode of Deep Minimal House is a unique opportunity to learn from one of house music’s greats.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Beatport Sounds - Deep House



Strap into the sounds of the modern dance floor in Beatport’s exclusive genre series. Inspired by the major trends of today, sounds are shaped by the forward-thinking artists shaping the electronic music landscape. 


Perfect for both productions and live sets, this unique pack presents an array of key and BPM-matched sounds. Hundreds of samples have been developed with the modern DJ/producer in mind allowing for seamless integration into your production or DJ software to complement your tracks or enable a hybrid-live set.


Sounds spread across the full spectrum, from funky guitar riffs and filtered keys to those warm, full kicks and basslines synonymous with the deep end of house music.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


House of Loop - Deep House Vocals



House of Loop returns with an all-encompassing vocal solution for those looking to add a cushion of meaning and emotion to their music.


Over 200 varying loops offer everything from up-front, emotive vocals to more subtle, textural whispers for adding warmth and depth. Each loop also arrives in dry and wet forms, allowing for experimentation with effects layering of reverbs to create a unique sound.


If you’re looking to experiment with vocals, this intuitive pack is a great place to start without breaking the bank on session vocalist or studio time.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Afro Deep



Get inspired by the rich history of African music with this unique curation capturing the energy of the thriving afro deep genre. Inspired by the culture’s deeper side of house pioneered by the likes of DJ Karaba and Black Coffee, sounds offer a window into the rich and organic percussion that makes this style so extraordinary. 


Over 600 MB of sounds arrive at a chuggy 120 BPM, allowing for the clean and authentic sounds of Afro Deep that complement an array of house music’s sub genres like dub and bass house.


Sounds are elegantly swung and laid back, casting a deeply satisfying vibe that has been refined for decades through Africa’s rich musical background.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Abstract Sounds - Organic House



Abstract Sounds tap into another end of their tastes with this curation of bespoke, organic inspired sounds heard in the work of artists like David August and Christian Loffler.  


Combining the world of analogue synthesis with natural sound design and field recordings, sounds merge machines with nature to create a truly unique aesthetic. Sounds arrive from the likes of Korg’s Minilogue, Elektro Model Cycles and Vermona’s Kick Lancet for those raw beats.


Samples are also key labelled, catering for those more theoretically inclined as well as the more DIY sounds from nature and its vast atmospheres.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Deep Lounge House



LP24 Audio returns to Loopmasters with a deep dive into the harmonious relationship between rhythm and melody. Inspired by the blissful sonic equilibrium that occurs with the perfect ratio of the two, Deep Lounge House provides those heartfelt basslines and classy synth riffs to give your music that luscious vibe.


Enrich your library with this careful selection of sounds focused on balance. With enough raunchy and up-for-it drum kits and a sea of sun-kissed melodies, this dynamic pack is perfect for steering your ideas in that final direction to get tracks over the finish line.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


JT Donaldson - House Ingredients



Get a taste of the fundamentals of house music from the OG JT Donaldson. With a catalogue stretching over two decades, JT Donaldson has been refining his strain of deep, soulful house since the movement began.


Zooming into the layers that make up this deeper, full-bodied sound with warm, soulful synths and enough punchy drums to keep you very busy. Over the years, Donaldson has collaborated with many of house music’s formative figures in Chez Damier and Mark Farina, carving their own unique strand of club tracks that you can take direct influence.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.



Top 10 Deep House 'Free Loop Pack'

As a thank you to our loyal customers and Deep House fans, we have curated a Free Loop Taster pack, selecting loops from each of the mentioned packs in this article.  Click the link below to get the free Deep House sample pack.