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Top 10 Best Techno Samples, Loops and Sound Packs
10 Oct '2023
Discover the Techno sample collections that pushed the buttons of Loopmasters and Loopcloud customers in the last year.
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These packs waste no time throwing you straight into a dark dystopian world. Each selection comes equipped with royalty-free samples; ranging from bass one-shots, atmospheric pads, drum grooves, vocals and even MIDI patches.


Thanks to the huge number of high-quality sample smiths working across Loopmasters and our labels, you can incorporate these techno samples into your style to elevate your productions. Be sure to check out Loopmasters article on the ‘Best of Techno’ for more insight and inspiration.


The 10 Best Techno sample packs are…

10. Peak Techno

9. Warehouse Industrial Techno Vol.2

8. Nubilous - Slowed Techno

7. Matt Sassari - Into The Groove

6. Umek - Techno Fundamentals

5. Alex Stein - Rise Techno

4. Modern Industrial Techno

3. Bingoshakers - Warehouse Techno

2. Foundations by Michael Klein

1. Techno Time To Peak



Peak Techno



UNDRGND SOUNDS are back with a vengeance in their latest ‘Peak Techno’ curation. Strapping into the no-frills, pummelling end of the spectrum, this pack is inspired by many of the scene's big hitters in the likes of Green Velvet and Adam Beyer.


Much of Techno’s history is rooted in this expressive sound, constantly evolving new ideas and emotions within the familiar four-to-the-floor territory. Samples are inspired by the fundamentals with an array of rave stabs, hefty basslines and atmospheric pads encouraging producers to contribute their verse to the futuristic world of techno.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Warehouse Industrial Techno Vol.2



Returning after their all-time best-seller, Samplestate’s infamous ‘Warehouse Industrial Techno’ dives further into the industrial walls of the genre.  


Inspired by the sound of Len Faki and the darker shades of techno championed by the legendary Soma Records, expect heavy, heads-down tackle in this bespoke collection. Driving, hypnotic loops are in abundance, merging a sea of colourful synths and pads with the gritty, punishing percussion synonymous with this strain of club music.


If you’re looking to pack out your tracks with a cerebral, textural vibe common in this corner of techno, this plug-and-play pack is a tried and tested winner.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Nubilous - Slowed Techno



Slow things down and experiment with tension and release in this unique pack from Blind Audio. Some of electronic music’s most memorable music is that of obscure tempos. Think Aphex Twin, Autechre, Orbital, artists that push the boundaries of production methods in their IDM and ambient works.


Delve into the same eerie, hypnotic vibe common with many of your favourite techno tracks except almost half the speed. All samples are rendered at 100 BPM in the key of C, inviting an alternate approach to producing that has the potential to open some creative doors.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Matt Sassari - Into The Groove



Learn from one of modern techno’s most prolific artists, Matt Sassari. His innovative work flirting between the house and techno genres has greatly influenced contemporary styles and the importance of groove.


Providing 650 MB of content direct from his studio, this bespoke pack peeks into the French artists’ secrets of rhythm. HIs infectious tracks have topped the Beatport charts and landed on a number of tastemaking labels such as CR2 and Truesoul.


Samples meander through everything from nimble bass hits and percussion loops, as well as offering a textural palate of trippy vocals and FX.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Umek - Techno Fundamentals



Delve into three decades of electronic music wisdom with over 600 MB from one of techno’s greats, Umek. If there’s any artist you can trust to teach the fundamentals of peak-time floor fillers, the Slovenian staple is the pick.


With work dating back to 1993, his extensive knowledge of club culture has been packaged up into this comprehensive curation of dance floor weaponry. Whether you’re looking to add a punch to your beats or revel in euphoric bliss, UMEK’s debut pack is a great place to start.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Alex Stein - Rise Techno



Get inspired by the Brazilian-Bavarian flavours of Alex Stein. Born from his free-spirited nature involved with Brazi’s illegal rave scene, the raw energy of Stein’s work is immediately identifiable.


Crafting an intriguing style that meanders through melodic tendencies laced with shades of mischief, the inevitably unique sound of Stein’s nomadic life is something every producer could learn from. ‘Rise Techno’ is a rare blend of the academic approach through his audio engineering studies combined with the rebellious nature of his larger-than-life personality.


Over 900 MB of sounds explore the moody, enigmatic energy he has become known for. Expect emotive synth lines and fiery percussion to help find your flow with one of techno’s most prolific features.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Modern Industrial Techno



Strap into the forward-thinking minds of Industrial Strength, seasoned sample providers of the more tripped-out, atmospheric realms of techno.


‘Modern Industrial Techno’ features a futuristic palate of grooves to add that extra layer of movement and fluidity to your tracks. The curation notes inspiration from EBM and harder, Berlin-style techno merging explosive energy with intricate and colourful synth work.


With over 1 GB of inspiration to dive into, these tempo-synced and key-labelled samples are waiting for your creative flair to bring them to life.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Bingoshakers - Warehouse Techno



Channelling the unparalleled vibe of analogue-produced music, this whopping 2.42 GB curation from Bingoshakers is the techno lover’s dream.


Expect fiery machine-funk from many of the genre’s fundamental machines from over the years, working melodic synths with bleepy basslines and industrial textures to evolve your tracks to the next level.


Slamming kick drums and twisted, techy percussion is at the heart of this warehouse-style sound. You can picture the likes of Ben Klock or Marcel Dettmann shelling a massive car park rave with these abrasive and expressive sounds.


Available on Loopmasters. Explore the pack here.


Foundations by Michael Klein



Heading back to Samplesounds’ artist series, the Berlin-based Michael Klein steps up to provide a peek into his sleek, sensual tracks. His prolific output has landed on the likes of Sven Vath’s Cocoon Recordings and Pan-Pot’s Second State, two collectives central to the deeper, groove-ridden sound of techno.


Extracting elements from his favourite synthesisers as well as numerous field recordings and atmospheric loops, hundreds of samples are placed within neat groups ready for you to draw from. 


Whether you’re into this end of analogue-inspired music or simply want to beef up your sample collection, ‘Foundations’ is packed with decades of knowledge direct from Berlin’s thriving club culture.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.


Techno Time To Peak



5Pin Media continue its fine streak of form with another premium package of techno tools. Heading straight for the peak, this heated curation is packed with energy inspired by the big room selectors in the likes of Charlotte De Witte and Adam Beyer.


Hundreds of loops explore the infinite possibilities of acid and its ecstatic character, as well as diving into over 100 different drum fills loaded with character. 


Sounds also arrive with MIDI patches, allowing you to fully customise your rhythms and mix and match samples to your taste. The reviews speak for themselves with this dynamic pack from a veteran provider of techno weaponry.


Available on Loopcloud. Explore the pack here.



Top 10 Techno 'Free Loop Pack'

As a thank you to our loyal customers and Techno fans, we have curated a Free Loop Taster pack, selecting loops from each of the mentioned packs in this article.  Click the link below to get the free Techno sample pack.