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Loopcloud x Digitakt: Unleashing Creative Possibilities and Control for Music Producers
2 Mar '2023
The powerful sample library of Loopcloud is now integrated with Elektron’s signature Digitakt Drum Machine and sampler.
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Loopcloud and Elektron have teamed up to bring producers the ultimate combination of creativity and control with the integration of Loopcloud’s powerful sample library and Elektron’s signature Digitakt Drum Machine. This collaboration merges the worlds of digital audio workstations with the physical possibilities and control of one of the industry’s leading samplers, opening up a world of inspiration for producers.


The Loopcloud library contains over 4 million sounds spanning an unrivalled range of genres and styles, all of which can be found faster than ever before. This includes one-shots, ideal for beat making, as well as loops and musical phrases which can be instantly time-stretched inside the Digitakt, providing the foundations for fluid creativity. This exciting new meeting of tech can take place in a DAW environment or with direct integration on-the-fly, using the audio output on the Digitakt headphones or simply an audio interface.





Loopcloud x Digitakt: Creativity x Control

With the hardware connected, users of Digitakt and Loopcloud can seamlessly transfer loops that are automatically time-stretched into Digitakt’s current BPM, unless specified. The ability to drag multiple samples into Digitakt, including full collections, entirely analyzed, means that producers who prefer to work entirely out of the box needn’t check their monitor. The intuitive interface of Loopcloud gives producers the visibility they need to ensure their workflow is uninterrupted.



This collaboration between Loopcloud and Digitakt is designed to accommodate all producers, whatever their workflow, providing them with the finest sounds available to enhance their creativity. It is a seamless integration that promises to be a formidable collaboration for producers everywhere, designed for agility and creativity between the digital and physical worlds of music production.



In conclusion, the integration of Loopcloud’s sample library with Elektron’s Digitakt Drum Machine provides producers with the ultimate combination of creativity and control. With over 4 million sounds to choose from and the ability to transfer loops seamlessly, this collaboration promises to be a game-changer for producers everywhere, enabling them to explore new possibilities in their music production.


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