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20 Years of Working with Top Sample Labels
15 May '2023
Loopmasters has a history of partnering with the best sample labels in the business – here’s what we’ve achieved together over two decades
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Despite all being producers in their own right, the founding fathers of Loopmasters decided from the outset that, rather than relying on their own creative talents to populate their sample library, they would be much better served tapping into a wider network of musicians and sample makers from all over the world. Although this was a more costly option in the short term, it gave the company a diverse portfolio of sounds that would prove to have more longevity and profitability over time. 


On top of that, the relationships that grew from this way of working marked Loopmasters out as a unique entity in an industry that could often be apathetic to the struggles of music makers. As a company for musicians, founded by musicians, the symbiosis between Loopmasters and the creators who contributed to their library existed from the off. Loopmasters gave musicians and sound design companies a trustworthy and respectful experience that worked both ways, and as a result the company has enjoyed twenty years of excellent relationships with the top labels in the business.


Nurturing talent

With a catalogue of over four million sounds, a dedicated app that integrates with your DAW, a plugin suite, an academy offering educational production courses, and relationships with some of the biggest names in music software, Loopmasters has built a formidable infrastructure and audience. Recognising the unique opportunities we could offer smaller sound design companies from this vantage point, partnering with sample labels made total sense.



Labels that partner with Loopmasters enjoy access to a far greater distribution network then they could ever hope to achieve on their own, and benefit from the years of experience and know-how that the company has accrued over its journey in the sample space. HY2ROGEN, one of the oldest independent EDM creative imprints, explain the growth they have experienced since entering an exclusive partnership with Loopmasters in 2015:


“HY2ROGEN has transformed into a household name for the sample industry thanks to its partnership with Loopmasters. Our samples have reached worldwide fame and have found their way into the tracks of top producers, festivals, clubs, tv/radio/movies, social media, and beyond.  This collaboration has propelled us around the globe, making it possible to reach a larger audience and find different ways to showcase our samples, more than we could have ever done on our own. The continuous support, advice and guidance from the amazing team at Loopmasters has allowed us to evolve.”


Loopmasters has always taken great care in nurturing the talent that we partner with, and our long-term relationships with labels allows us to develop brands according to a carefully thought out strategy. These strategies revolve around great distribution and promotion networks, because we know how to put the right sounds in the right hands.



Rezone, the creative force behind Singomakers and IQ Samples, speaks to the way his labels’ sounds are handled by Loopmasters:


“We can always be sure that our content is received fast, released on time, and placed only in the best stores in the distribution network. Our sample packs are always promoted in mags, newsletters, banners network, YouTube, and more.  A lot of our Singomakers and IQ Samples sounds that have been released via Loopmasters have been used in worldwide hits from Twenty One Pilots, Demi Lovato, KSHMR, 6ix9ine, and many many more!”


High standards

Aside from providing a supercharged growth opportunity for labels, Loopmasters also help to hone and refine the actual products themselves. The creative team is always on the front foot when it comes to looking out for envelope-pushing, and we do everything we can to help to take embryonic ideas to full term. Added to that, we pride ourselves on a rigorous quality control process that is a legacy from our days distributing samples via costly CD pressing runs.



Legendary electronic music producer Lenny Dee, the founder of New York's Industrial Strength Records (ISR), provides some insight into the way the collaboration between Loopmasters and sample labels works:


“The quality control is bar none. This is important to me as I need a third ear. You guys get the benefit of not getting junk packs which now flood the market. We work closely to provide forward-thinking packs. I feel we don’t need to hold back in any way while getting full support from the Loopmasters team. I love that we can explore sounds beyond the normal genres - quality and inspiration are the main focus for all of us.”


Labels in focus

Over the course of our twenty years in the music production industry, we’ve been privileged to work with some of the top labels in the business. Every label is different, but regardless of style or genre the defining trait that unifies them all is a passion for new sounds and sonic possibilities. Here are a few highlights in the catalogue:




Their name is derived from the phrase 'technological singularity', and their goal is to bring the technical future and people together in music. Singomakers is a leading international sound design label made up of producers and engineers from across the globe, bringing you fresh sounds and contemporary production tools of the highest quality. 


Popular Singomakers releases include Latin Tech House, a high-octane tech-house combination of Spanish vocal phrases and Latin-influenced musical elements, and Vocal Phrases x Tech Tools, a collection of modern tech-house samples with catchy vocal hooks & phrases.




Launched by rising star producer and sound designer Utku S, Cinetools specialises in providing sounds for film, video games and TV uses. Serving up everything from tense beds of atmosphere to huge impactful sounds, the label showcases the diverse applications of the Loopmasters catalogue.


Highlights from the imprint include the dark-as-it-gets Offworld, a collection of apocalyptic sound fodder for cinematic uses, and Mythica, a trove of sounds from days gone by, including battle cries, drones and pulses, plus drums and melodics to boot.


Soul Rush Records


Established in 2012, Soul Rush Records have proved themselves to be an industry-leading option for vocal and instrumental collections featuring some of the UK and Europe’s top session vocalists, touring artists and producers. Vocalist, producer and DJ, Tigerlight, heads up the label, and hand-picks the artists that perform on Soul Rush Records packs from a pool of musicians that have written successful hits themselves. 


Hit releases from the imprint include Ultimate Dance Vocals Vol.1, a toolkit of infectious toplines that will make your track stand out from the crowd, and Ultimate Garage Vocals, two hours of acapella vocals taking influence from classic garage and house tracks.


Charitable endeavours

Loopmasters’ partnerships have also provided us with an avenue to pursue extra-curricular projects that benefit the wider community and beyond, such as the work we’ve done with charities like Last Night A DJ Saved My Life. Set up by Ibiza stalwart Jonny Lee in 2010, the foundation aims to connect the dance music community with charitable activities in support of children in crisis. They run fundraising club nights and events, while also providing the vision, connections and infrastructure needed for others to partner with similar organisations or charitable causes and run their own events.



Lee discusses the impact Loopmasters support has had on the work LNADJ has been able to carry out over the years:


“Loopmasters have been instrumental in helping us secure funding for our events. They did a winter sale one year with a percentage of profits getting sent to us, and the money raised was used to build homes for single mothers with special needs children in Africa. Since then we’ve been on a great journey together, with them helping to raise so much money and support for us. Recently Loopmasters sponsored us to cover the costs of running charity events like our “Set for Love” initiative. These kinds of events can be a bit costly to set up and run, so getting that funded was fantastic.”


20th Anniversary Bundle

To celebrate two decades of sounds we have trawled through the sales figures and customer ratings to find out the top collections across multiple genres, and placed them all into an epic value-for-money deal. With 21Gb of loops and sounds at an incredible 80% discount, no matter what genre you produce we are convinced there will be plenty of exciting sounds for you to discover.



So before we pop off and open the bubbles, we want to take this opportunity to raise our hats to all our Loyal Loopmasters fans, Loopcloud aficionados and anyone who is addicted to making music as much as we are, we salute you!. Here’s to the next 20!  For a free lite version of this collection come and say 'Hi..' on our Instagram page Loopmasters, Loopcloud.




When was LoopCloud founded?


The first version of Loopcloud was released in 2017 after being announced at NAMM that year. Loopcloud is a software program made by Loopmasters. Loopmasters was founded in 2003.


Is Loopcloud the same as Loopmasters?


Loopmasters is a company, and Loopcloud is a software package released by that company. As a company, Loopmasters is part of The Beatport Group, alongside Beatport, Plugin Boutique, Ampsuite and LabelRadar.


Are Loopmasters samples royalty free?


Yes! Samples are sold under the condition that once you've paid for the sample, you can use it as part of a project in your DAW and as part of any commercial release with no conditions. In addition to this, once a sample has been purchased you keep it for life, even if you choose to end your subscription with us.