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We’re changing the way Loopcloud connects
9 Jun '2023
Ensure you’re on the latest version of our Loopcloud desktop app to keep your creativity flowing.
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Loopcloud has been going strong for five years, bringing producers everywhere easy access to the sounds they need – and more ways to find new sounds and try them out in projects.


So that we can keep our place as the state-of-the-art solution for finding fresh new sounds, we will be changing the way the Loopcloud desktop app connects to our servers, and upgrading some of the technologies that power Loopcloud to improve security and performance.


Older Loopcloud versions will not be supported from June 12th

The latest version of the Loopcloud desktop app, version 7.1.3, is configured to work with these new upgrades, but older versions are not.


From June 12th 2023, all older versions of the Loopcloud desktop app will cease to connect with our servers.


What does this mean for me?

This change will affect subscribers and non-subscribers on earlier versions of the Loopcloud desktop app differently. We’ll detail how this change will affect you below:


I’m an active subscriber, how will I be affected?

If you’re an active subscriber and have Loopcloud 7.1.3 or above installed, you will not be affected by this change, and can continue to use the desktop app as normal.


If you’re running a version below Loopcloud 7.1.3, you will need to update to continue using the desktop app. To download the latest version, you can go to the menu in the top-right of the app and select 'Check for Updates' (Version 6.3.5 and below) or Help >> 'Check for Updates' (Version 7+).


I’m not a subscriber, how will I be affected?

Loopcloud version 7 works only for users with an active Loopcloud subscription, meaning that once you update to the latest version, you will be required to start a subscription to continue using the Loopcloud desktop app.


All monthly subscriptions come with a 14-day free trial (100 points), getting you access to our library of over 4 million samples, the best DAW integration on the market, and many more top features. Monthly pricing starts at £5.99 per month, and you can cancel or downgrade your subscription plan at any time.


If you don’t update to Loopcloud 7, any online functionality will stop working. This includes:


  • Searching the Loopcloud store
  • Purchasing sounds
  • Claiming free sounds
  • AI analysis for user content
  • Searching for rhythmic and harmonic matches for a sound
  • Searching for similar sounds

If you are not an active subscriber then you can set up a subscription with one of these great offers.  You can get 2 months for just $2 on our 'Artist plan' with this discount coupon LC2FOR2 (apply to your cart on checkout), or get 50% off any annual plan with this coupon: LC50 (apply to your cart on checkout).



I've purchased Loopcloud DRUM or Loopcloud PLAY at Plugin Boutique. Will I still have access? 

Yes! Customers who have purchased DRUM or PLAY from Plugin Boutique will continue to have access to the latest version of the Loopcloud Desktop App. To ensure your workflow isn't disrupted, just update Loopcloud to the latest version and you'll be good to go. 


How can I find out which version I have installed?

Loopcloud 7.1.3 was released in February 2023. You can find out your current version number by launching the Loopcloud desktop app and checking the loading screen, where the current version number is displayed as the software initialises. You can also find it by navigating to Loopcloud >> About Loopcloud in the top-left menu when the app is open.



To download the latest version, just go to the menu in the top-right of the app and select Check for Updates (Version 6.3.5 and below) or Help >> Check for Updates (Version 7+). To see the system requirements for Loopcloud 7+ click here



How do I access my purchased sounds from Loopcloud or Loopmasters?

Regardless of your subscription status, the sounds you’ve already bought on Loopcloud – and any packs you’ve purchased from Loopmasters – will be available to download at


Once logged in, use the Your Library tab to view, play and download your purchased sounds. Using the search functions, you can filter for Your Sounds, Loops, One-Shots, Free sounds and WAV sounds.



Loopcloud keeps improving

With these changes and more, we are moving forward in our mission to bring fresh, contemporary content to the world's largest sample library. We are investing in more new technologies that will improve the Loopcloud experience, and we’re excited to share some of these new features very soon.


Got any questions?

If you have any questions about this change please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Care team here. We'd be happy to help! 




How long is the Loopcloud free trial?


Loopcloud offers a 14-day free trial enabling new users to access over 4 million samples and loops.


Is a Loopcloud subscription worth it?


Without a doubt. Loopcloud provides an affordable tool to manage a wide range of samples that can be easily found through its library software.


Can you use Loopcloud with GarageBand?


Yes. The Loopcloud app will actually connect with any main DAW, such as Logic Pro, Ableton, Bitwig etc. When the Loopclooud plugin is synced with your DAW any sound played through the app will sync flawlessly with your project.