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AmpSuite: Your Pocket-Sized PA for Streamlining Music Label Management
27 Nov '2023
See how our sister company AmpSuite can supercharge the business side of your musical life, leaving you freer to create.
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You may know that Loopcloud is part of the Beatport Group, alongside Plugin Boutique, Beatport itself, and other companies focused on providing better resources to music producers. One of our other sister companies under the umbrella is AmpSuite, an excellent tool that brings everything you need to manage multiple labels and promote your own music under one roof.


So, your label is doing well, interest is growing, but time is shrinking. AmpSuite is like a pocket-sized PA that streamlines the administrative side of music, following an honest ethos to cut costs and make space for what’s important: creating great things.


AmpSuite aims to unite the data associated with running a record label into one central hub. There’s royalty accounting, analytics, distribution and promotion tools inside AmpSuite, and automated reports, contracts and statements all sit in one place – all accessible from your pocket. 


How AmpSuite can simplify royalties



For many musicians, royalties are a main mechanism for getting paid, but with so many releases, distributors, and ways to be paid, getting it right is no picnic – neither for artists, or labels. AmpSuite automatically assigns sales and generates statements for your artists. After completing an initial setup and customisation process, you’ll simply need to upload your statements and watch the magic happen.


AmpSuite’s accounting is modular, so it allows you to tailor to the specific needs of a given project. You could, for example, dive in with manual adjustments, set up multiple currencies, territories, or even store specific contracts, giving you an extra layer of perspective on a project’s performance. AmpSuite can match sales data up with your catalogue and contracts, keeping the information in all the right places – and keeping it accurate as well.


Content and distribution are all under one roof



AmpSuite can also make it easier to get your head around the distribution side of music. This is often another hurdle in the road to getting paid, with revenue flying in from all angles, stores and locations - AmpSuite simplifies the path with everything in one hub.


Let’s say that two of your artists are gaining momentum and you spot an opportunity for a collaborative EP perfect for their development. Both artists’ sales data is immediately on hand to inform your decision on where the traction is and where is optimal to distribute.


The all-in-one nature of Ampsuite encourages this to happen. Capturing impromptu inspiration, data is ready to roll and push your project in the right direction. There is also the option to work direct with distributors, or allow Ampsuite to distribute on your behalf, utilising their long-standing relationships with stores around the world.


Amplifying your data with AmpSuite



Recognising the potential for growth in data, Ampsuite’s analytics simplifies the mammoth task of staying on top of performance. On-screen graphs present sales records across multiple layers including territory, store and format.


Maybe one of your artists has been blowing up on Spotify, with 120,243 streams in the past month. You would see this spike from the information directly accessible within Ampsuite, highlighting clear contrasts across regions. This could then lead to noticing opportunities in specific regions. For example, Spain is dominating Spotify for this artist, let us push distribution or gig tickets in this area.


Allowing the data to become your partner is Ampsuite’s goal here. The pocket-sized PA is ready to help you and your labels move forward.


Rethinking the art of contracts



As part of the wider Beatport family, Ampsuite knows exactly where the pain points are for artists and labels. Producing and keeping on top of contracts can be a famously tiresome task, delving into old archives or trying to tick every box and keep both parties happy. 


Ampsuite’s onboard contracts section transforms a once painful chore into a simple process. Decades of first-hand experience have led to this simplified approach, reducing the amount of steps and putting efficiency first.


With everything available digitally, the amount of time saved is major. For instance, you might have four new artists ready to sign. Pop into your templates, deliver the contracts directly to artists, and receive them back signed, all without leaving Ampsuite.


There’s even an option to create new releases from completed contracts, making sure no paperwork is missed at the crucial stages. And, if you really need to go old school, all contracts can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.


Getting creative with community mailouts



Another unique artist-fan motive raised by Ampsuite is the power in community. Direct communication with those directly supporting your project is often the answer to moving forward and maintaining momentum.


The mailout section allows you to separate customers into multiple mailing lists and create a more bespoke experience for your fans. Maybe you notice people in Germany are more into the Techno releases and the French market are digging the house stuff. 


You might have spotted this from the on-screen graphs mentioned earlier; now your mailouts can be moulded to fit the tastes of these regions. Response rates are monitored with this too, allowing for further amends, plus an automated bounce back feature to stay on top of spam.


These customer-first features are something Ampsuite has recognised as a key driver in building a community. Not only pushing your sales numbers, but creating a universe that people want to return to, again and again.


Moving closer to your network



On the theme of getting closer to your community, AmpSuite also dives into the world of promotion. Sending tracks and pre-releases around the industry is central to DJ culture and the platform recognises the importance of being able to fire off promos in seconds. 


Perhaps you want to get a new EP out to some of your favourite DJs before the weekend, or hit up some industry contacts ahead of festival season. True to the modular nature powering AmpSuite, promos are fully customisable and mobile-friendly with options for MP3, WAV and Dropbox download options.


You could then dive into feedback from artists and refine which promos you want to send where. There is also the option to export feedback and share any information with the artists involved in the release. 


There are a number of features that nurture this direct link between artist, label and fan. One of them is a nifty ‘free download’ feature. AmpSuite encourages artists to offer an exchange of a track for customer data which will later help streamline your processes. It’s a win-win situation - free music for them, more data and refinement for you. 


Another quirky feature is a direct link to YouTube and SoundCloud, two heavy hitters in the electronic market. Generate YouTube videos in seconds, or throw some snippets on SoundCloud - all handy methods to grow your social following and optimise reach. Of course, any links can later be monitored and tweaked accordingly. 


If you’re wondering how to make the next steps for your project, AmpSuite is loaded with decades of experience ready to give you that extra push. Delve deeper into why some of the world’s best labels use AmpSuite over on their website where you can book a demo and get a taste of the platform.



What is AmpSuite?

AmpSuite is an all-in-one tool for label management. AmpSuite comes with royalty accounting, analytics, distribution, promotion tools, automated reports, contracts, and statements making it the only tool you’ll need to stay on top of your releases.


How much does AMPsuite cost?

To find out more about AmpSuite and how much it costs, it’s best to contact the team directly. They’ll be able to provide you with a demo and answer any questions you may have.