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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Music Producers: Unwrapping Festive Joy with Unique and Practical Presents
7 Dec '2023
We’ve made it easy to choose the ultimate gift for the studio-bound producer in your life…or to decide what you want for yourself!
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Although it may seem that our days are spent stashed away somewhere endlessly cycling through Kick samples, we music producers have also been known to join in with the rest of society from time to time. That’s right, producers celebrate the Christmas Holidays too, along with every other festival you can conceivably soundtrack and receive royalties for (we’re an opportunistic bunch). 


If you’re lucky enough to have a producer in your life and you’re wondering what to get them this festive season, help is on hand with this special selection box of goodies from the music production marketplace. Inside you’ll find a range of instruments, trinkets and gadgets that are sure to put a smile on even the most blue light-addled visages this Christmas.


Earasers Earplugs

In the audio industry, your ears are your most important asset. Protecting them is paramount if you have ambitions of a long career, which is why safe listening habits are always advised. However, if you’re involved in music in any capacity you’ll probably find yourself at a festival or live gig at some stage, either playing or attending, and when you do you’re going to need extra help.



Earasers earplugs provide high-fidelity hearing protection for musicians, and are capable of reducing up to 31dB of dangerous high-frequency sounds, depending on the model you opt for. Earasers are the world’s first flat frequency response earplug, and use the same SmartSeal design as one of the most widely used hearing aid tips available today. 


Comfortable, barely visible, and reusable, these earplugs give you a low-profile protection from sound that doesn’t feel like you’ve poured candle wax into your lungs.


agifty Magnetic Guitar Bottle Opener



Guitarists are volatile creatures, and often the only thing that can calm them down is a sip of their favourite ice cold beverage. Do the guitar-lover in your life a favour, and make it easier on them the next time thirst strikes by gifting them an agifty Magnetic Guitar Bottle Opener this Christmas. 


Available in three styles – Acoustic, Les Paul and Stratocaster – these bottle openers perform their primary function (opening bottles) with flying colours, and have the added benefit of being magnetic, too. That means you can attach them to the surface of the one place where bottles love to congregate: the fridge.


Stylophone S-1 Pocket Synth

In case you haven’t noticed, vintage synths are going through a bit of a moment. The only trouble is, they usually cost thousands and take up half a room. However, there’s an option for the synth-loving producer in your life that won’t break your budget or your floorboards, and it’s called the Stylophone Retro Pocket Synth.



The original Stylophone, a monophonic organ with a unique electronic sound that was invented in 1968, was operated by hand-held stylus on a metal keyboard. The Stylophone S-1, which is the modern version, features the same quirky analog sound, with three playable octaves and a vibrato effect. It’s less than 12 cm wide and runs on batteries, so you can take it with you and play it everywhere you go.


The S-1’s built-in speaker is perfect for jams, but don’t worry, there’s also a headphone jack for private sessions and extra connectivity. Best of all, the Stylophone S-1 generally costs under £30, so it’s the perfect stocking filler this Christmas!


Loopcloud Artist Plan



As musicians working in the modern digital realm of production, we’re always seeking out new libraries of sounds and digital plugins to enhance our workflow and encourage endless creative inspiration.  With that in mind, perhaps a gift in the digital domain could be the perfect option for the music producer in your life. With a 14-day trial period, you can make sure the service is right for you before any money is deducted. 


If that wasn't tempting enough Loopcloud has their annual holiday sale on, and you can get 2 month fully featured Loopcloud and Loopcloud Sounds subscription for just $2 and also get the D16 Repeater Vintage Analog Delay for FREE, this offer runs until January 7th, 2024.



They say the best time to start learning a new musical instrument is right now. Whether you or your loved one already has a knack for music, are a complete beginner, or perhaps even have prior experience with a harmonica, one of these is an ideal gift this Christmas.



You can even pick up a complementary Easy Christmas Songs for the Harmonica book to get stuck right into the action. After all, this could lead to a wonderful live harmonica performance at your dinner table this Christmas… Or if you’re just starting out, the performance will probably be downright awful, but we all have to start somewhere! 


Either way, you’re sure to have some fun and create new memories with this neat and affordable instrument option this Xmas.


Retro-style Vinyl Player

Are you looking for something vintage to blast this year’s Christmas tunes aloud from? What better option than a retro-style vinyl record player? Vinyl’s had a resurgence in demand over the past decade, as more enthusiasts connect with the roots of music playback.


These portable players come in a compact suitcase-style design, ready to be brought along almost everywhere your Christmas plans may take you. Please don’t take them to the beach or the swimming pool, though. Plus, they make a great addition to any music enthusiast’s collection. Just make sure you have some actual records at the ready to be spun on the turntable.



These specific players even come with 3.5mm jack and bluetooth connectivity so that, in the ultimate act of technological irony, you can blast music from your smartphone if you wish. You can also connect it to an external sound system to really ensure everyone hears Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You with all the scratches and crackles it was intended to feature.


Vinyl Glass Display Frame

Staying on the theme of vinyl records, maybe someone close to you already has a potent collection of records and is looking for a way to display them in their studio space. How about these sleek, genuine glass 12-inch vinyl display frames.



For the low price of £15.99 per unit, you could even pick up two or three to showcase a few favourite albums, or even construct yourself an elaborate gold record replica to impress visiting friends and family.


Just make sure whoever is mounting these on the walls does so before they’ve sunk too far into the Christmas ‘festivities’… at least, if you want to have all your frames aligned properly, that is!


Illuminated Studio Recording Sign

Gone are the days when you could only make music by paying for time in a recording studio. Nowadays, your bedroom can be the place where you record and produce a chart-topping hit. But it doesn’t mean we need to leave the red light behind! Make your next session feel official, and let your family, guests and household pets know when you’re hitting the red button with this illuminated recording sign. No pressure.



Handmade from vintage solid wood, this recording sign emits a warm, low-energy LED light and instantly gives any room a classic studio vibe from a bygone era (the cigarette smoke and flared trousers are your responsibility). It’s mains-powered, so you can fix it to the wall outside where you record, or simply place it on your desk to help create a studio atmosphere that’s perfect for making music (if a little cramped).


Vinyl Record Side-table

Being surrounded by our passions is a sure-fire way to remain in high-spirits, even during chaotic times. What better way to remain in a musical headspace than to decorate your home/studio with music-themed furniture? These eccentric, little tables would make for the perfect resting place for your morning cup of Joe before getting stuck into a day’s work in the studio.



With a glass top decorated with a Side-A good vibes vinyl, these could even set the pitch-perfect tone in your day-to-day living space whilst you and your loved one unwind for the evening’s session of Netflix and chill.


AudioToysCo Pin Badge

When’s the last time you wore a badge? If the answer is your tenth birthday, then we’re here to tell you that’s much too long ago, especially with AudioToysCo's extremely cool range of graphic pins to explore. The company makes accurate miniatures of classic hardware and instruments out of hard enamel, making them the perfect gift for your resident guitarist, musician, keyboardist or producer.



Each badge is a first edition copy from a run of only 100, and fashioned in exquisite, gold-plated detail. You’ll find a Jupiter 8, MiniMoog Voyager, Roland TR-808 and Akai MPC3000 among the recognisable names, as well as instruments like George Harrison’s Rocky Stratocaster and more modern classics like the Zoom H4n Audio Recorder. Every knob, slider and button has been lovingly rendered, and it’s clear to see that these pins are the work of a true audiophile.


Engraved Guitar Picks


If the guitar is your special someone’s instrument of choice, then you’ll know about their tendency to have a favourite guitar pick. Maybe, they’ve lost their previously-favoured pick, or you want to spoil them with a bespoke range, fit for only the finest players of guitar.


Whatever your price range is, these personalised guitar picks allow for multiple order options, ranging from a single engraved item to a fancy black-walnut box of four. The picks are made from high-quality, thick, durable wood, in four different types. You can also leave a note attached to your order to get each one engraved separately and even have the container made with a carved heartfelt message.



The seller also states that carving emoji’s are now possible too. So, what will it be? A love heart emoji for your acoustic, serenading sweetheart? Or a skull-and-crossbones emoji for your metalhead electric enthusiast?


Decksaver Covers

Those who really love their gear will do anything they can to keep it in good nick, which is why the gift of a Decksaver cover could be the perfect gift this holiday season. Founded in 2008, Decksaver concerns itself with one thing and one thing only - protecting expensive music production equipment from damage in demanding club, studio, stage and home environments.


Whether it’s MIDI controllers, effects units, grooveboxes, guitar pedals, synthesizers, mixing consoles or DJ equipment, Decksaver has the perfect cover to keep your precious gear in tip top shape. Each cover protects against dust, liquid and impact, and shields vulnerable faders, switches and knobs during transportation.



All units are custom-moulded by model, and the range covers the majority of models you’d expect to see from the big manufacturers including Arturia, Akai, Pioneer, Boss, Roland, Korg and more.


Personalised Spotify Mug

Do you have that one friend who’s always getting on your nerves by playing the same song from their Spotify library over and over again? Well, what better way to let them know you’ve taken notice of their sonic addiction than by getting them a personalised mug with the song printed onto it?



These durable mugs can be made from clear glass, frosted glass, or standard white ceramic, and let you print the song or playlist name with the Spotify logo and playback window. The designers have even added the filled-in, red ‘liked’ heart to showcase the receiver’s love for the song.


You could even design your mug sarcastically and get a song printed that you know the receiver despises with all their might. Chumbawumba? The Venga Bus is Coming? Anything by Coldplay? Just be sure to add the complimentary £6 chocolate hearts to make-up for your sinister plan.


Akai ‘Mini’ MIDI Controllers

The modern music producer needs to be able to be creative on the go, in environments where there isn’t a whole lot of access to studio gear. Laptops make production portable, but it’s also important to have more tactile music making tools that you can use down the back of the bus, on your lunch break at the office, or on the kitchen table during an Airbnb trip. You simply never know when inspiration is going to strike.



If you like to tinkle the ivories, or are fed up of using your laptop keyboard to play melodies, the Akai LPK25 provides a portable companion that’s ready to rock when inspiration calls. 25 keys spread out over two octaves and a built-in arpeggiator make it easy to compose in tight spaces, while a USB jack and clock sync control mean it will connect up nicely to your favourite software.


Or, if you’re more into beatmaking than melodies, opt for the Akai LPD8 Mk2, a sleek MIDI pad controller with eight velocity-sensitive RGB pads perfect for finger drumming. Produce beats, trigger one-shot samples and loops, or connect to your DAW for hands-on MIDI control and creation. 


‘Don’t Mess With The Sound Guy’ T-Shirt

Maybe your partner is more on the technical side of music production and only entertains themself with the sound-engineering intricacies of the industry. The importance of great audio engineers, studio or live, are often overlooked by the vast majority of people.


That means it’s more important that we show our appreciation for their efforts with a customised gift this Christmas. With these Don’t Mess With The Sound Guy T-shirts, you’re sure to restore confidence in your audio-engineer’s career path and show others that he’s not to be trifled with.



The T-shirts are £15.95 per item, with fast delivery options available. They’re offered in a range of nine different colours, so maybe you could grab a few to create some variation in the receiver’s wardrobe. You also have the option of having a personalised name and/or message on the back of the T-shirt to make each one special in its own right.