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Loopcloud Rebrands, Unveiling Fresh New Look to Sync with The Beatport Group
2 Apr '2024
Loopcloud is unveiling a fresh new look that aligns seamlessly with the Beatport Group.
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At Loopcloud, we've always been driven by a singular passion: empowering music creators to unleash their creativity. That mission has taken us on an incredible journey, one that has now led us to an exciting new chapter in our evolution as part of The Beatport Group (TBG).



Why Rebrand?


Under The Beatport Group umbrella, Loopcloud is part of a diverse array of services designed to cover every aspect of the modern music creator's journey from studio to stage, growth, and distribution. The Beatport Group is an ecosystem built for creators, offering a seamless experience that supports every stage of the creative process: Create, Grow, Play.




The Beatport Group Ecosystem


- Create: This phase is all about innovation and expression. Beatport Studio, Loopmasters, Loopcloud, and Plugin Boutique provide the tools creators need to bring their ideas to life, offering massive libraries and industry-leading software.


- Grow: Here, the focus is on professional growth and reach. LabelRadar, Ampsuite, and Beatport Hype support artists and labels in reaching wider audiences and maximizing their impact.


- Play: Finally, this phase is about enjoyment and entertainment. Beatport and Beatsource offer DJs instant access to millions of tracks, allowing them to curate unforgettable experiences for audiences worldwide.



About Loopcloud


Loopcloud has been a cornerstone of the music production community for over 20 years, providing access to over 4 million professionally recorded samples and loops from over 100 exclusive labels. Our subscription service is the world's largest and most diverse sound subscription available, empowering creators to find the perfect sound for their projects effortlessly.




Our Rebranding Journey


With our rebranding, Loopcloud is unveiling a fresh new look that aligns seamlessly with the Beatport Group. Our goal is to create a cohesive experience for music creators within the TBG ecosystem, ensuring that they can easily navigate between our various services to support their creative journey.



What's Next?


The rebranding of Loopcloud marks an exciting new chapter in our journey as part of The Beatport Group. With a fresh new look and a renewed focus on empowering music creators, we're ready to continue supporting artists and producers worldwide in unleashing their creativity and achieving their musical goals. Join us as we embark on this next phase of our adventure together. Create. Grow. Play. Loopcloud and The Beatport Group are here to support you every step of the way.