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Emotive House Music Mastery: Eli & Fur's Sample Pack Journey from Dusk to Dawn
7 Mar '2024
As they celebrate over a decade of working together, the dynamic duo discuss their career, keeping it simple, and their sample pack 'From Dusk To Dawn'
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Given how many years Eli & Fur have been honing their style of emotive House music, you’d be forgiven for assuming that the LA-based duo would have created a huge catalogue of sample packs by now. In reality, this is their first ever sample pack, and we’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity to release it with Beatport Sounds!


The pack, entitled From Dusk To Dawn, is a culmination of the experience that Eli & Fur have gained while flying the flag for dance music around the world. We were lucky enough to sit down with the pair to discuss their career, their production process, and of course their sample pack.



Eli & Fur’s production tips


As well as their inclination to work as a collaborative duo, Eli & Fur make it their mission to keep their production process simple, and they recommend you to do so too. They shared this and more of their production tips with us.


Fur: “My producer tip would be: don’t overload your project with thousands of plugins, stick to a small amount and make sure everything that you’re using has a purpose. Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away and think you’re going to use loads of different things, when actually, you just need five things.”


“My other tip would be not to worry if you get stuck, it happens all the time. Just start afresh and keep going as it’s so easy to get inside your own head.”


Eli: “My producer tip kind of lends itself to Fur’s a little bit: don’t overcrowd or overwork. Often, I’d say the best ideas that we’ve made together or on our own have been very instant. Often I think it’s easy to keep working on something and keep trying to make it better. But I guess overdoing it.”


“Some of the most incredible tracks are the most simple, so my tip would be if you have something you love, and it’s that instant thing, keep hold of that and try to retain the magic of when you first came up with that idea. It’s usually the most natural.”


10 Years On


The recent release of You’re So High (10 Years On), is a re-imagining of their career-catalysing track You’re So High. We asked Eli & Fur for some insights into the creation of the track and what inspired it.



Released on their album Illusions in 2013, You’re So High placed the duo firmly on the map and paved the way for the illustrious career they’ve created for themselves over the past decade. They cite the likes of Maceo Plex’s Under the Sheets and the more emotive side of Chicago House as key influences for the production.



In the early stages of their careers, Eli & Fur had to find ways to pay the bills any way they knew how. As it goes, they knew how to make the more Pop-infused side of House music for a production house. While this was a very separate affair from their career as Eli & Fur, the notion of vocal hooks and perfectly polished productions invariably seeped its way into the other side of their art.



“You’re So High was the first thing that came out of Eli’s mouth, and it just stuck”


With that in mind, they started with the You’re So High lyric as the vocal hook, and the remainder of the track came together within a day. As is often the case, Eli & Fur state that some of the best ideas are the quickest to come together.


Creating the pack


In creating their very first sample pack, From Dusk To Dawn, Eli & Fur sought to make the pack as organic and natural as possible. And what better way to accomplish this than by creating the sample pack in the same way they create music?



Eli & Fur hit their LA studio and simply jammed. The result is a versatile library of one-shot and loop samples, perfectly suited to your own emotive House and Techno productions. The pack contains every element necessary to write your own career-igniting music.


It was so fun to make! We wanted to produce these naturally and in line with how we always work; jamming in the studio and picking out our favorite bits. We loved doing this and hope this inspires others to make music!


From textured bass and pad loops to layered drum combis and FX, Eli & Fur’s From Dusk To Dawn pack covers all bases. It even contains some of their own exclusive vocals that have been mixed and processed ready for immediate use in your projects.


Eli & Fur’s sample pack, From Dusk To Dawn is available to Loopcloud subscribers now.