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Top 10 Best Sample Packs of 2021
22 Dec '2021
We’ve crunched the stats and pitted the most popular sample packs of 2021 against each other across the biggest genres, as well as selecting an overall top 10 from the year.
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Sounds are inspiring – when you’re staring at your DAW, looking for that something to spark a creative idea, sometimes all you need is a simple melody loop, vocal sample or drum beat to get you in the zone. On Loopcloud, 2021 has been a fantastic year for inspiring samples; with new packs added to our library every week the inspiration is endless, and in this article we’ll share the packs that the Loopcloud community has been loving the most.


This year we’ve collaborated with some of the best producers of 2021 and beyond to bring you the sounds that get them inspired. We’ve released sample packs from iconic producers such as Roni Size, Anastasia Kristensen, Joyce Muniz, Carl Craig and plenty more – each packed full of inspiring audio from the gear and minds of electronic music’s leading creatives. We truly believe that we have the best of 2021 when it comes to artist packs.


We’ve also released incredible sample packs across countless genres. Whether it be furious drum & bass like Element One’s Jungle ‘96, smooth Downtempo Vocals from Aim Audio, the cinematic Drums Of The Wildlands or booming 808 Bass Samples from APOLLO SOUND, the Loopmasters library has been overflowing with incredible new samples.


With so many awesome sounds available it can be hard to know which to go for, so we’ve put together this round-up of the best sample packs of 2021 so you can find the right sounds for you. We’ve compiled the most popular samples of 2021 on Loopmasters and divided them into genres, and also created an overall list of the 10 best sample packs on Loocloud full stop.


The 10 most popular packs of 2021

Here is the outright list of our most popular packs in 2021. These sample packs have definitely got Loopcloud user's seal of approval this year, and we’ve watched on as they flew off our library shelves. Looking at the quality of sample packs in this list, it’s not hard to see why they were all so popular!


If you got your hands on any of the packs mentioned in our top sample packs of 2021 round-up, we’re looking forward to hearing the music you made with them in the near future. And don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more lined up for 2022, so make sure to keep an eye out for hot new packs and samples dropping on Loopcloud in the new year. Happy holidays!


Loopmasters · Top 10 Best Sample Packs of 2021


1) Jazz Notes

The number one overall sample pack on Loopcloud in 2021 is…Jazz Notes from Loopmasters!


2) Arabian Vocal Hooks

Taking the silver medal spot is Arabian Vocal Hooks from Vocal Roads.


3) Mist

Third place goes to Mist from Cinetools.


4) Tranquility - Chill Trap

Just outside the top three, it’s trap pack Tranquility.


5) Freddie Joachim - Jazz Hop Classics

It’s Jazz Hop Classics from Freddie Joachim at five.


6) Carl Cox Collective - My Life In Music

Legendary DJ Carl Cox’s collab pack comes in at number six.


7) Monrroe - Drum & Bass

In seventh is Monnroe’s drum & bass pack.


8) Rodriguez Jr. - Polychromic House

Rodriguez Jr. - Polychromic House finishes in eighth place.


9) Real Hip Hop

APOLLO SOUND takes the ninth spot with Real Hip Hop.


10) Catching Flies - Ambient Electronic

Finally, rounding off the top 10 is Catching Flies - Ambient Electronic.


Top 3 vocal packs of 2021

Vocals are one of the most useful types of sample a producer can have in their arsenal. Unless you’re a singer yourself it’s very hard (and expensive) to get clean, royalty-free recordings of singers. Other samples like synth riffs and drum sounds can be synthesised in your DAW, but there really is no good way to create vocal samples without a vocalist.


Loopmasters · Top 3 Vocal sample packs of 2021


1) Arabian Vocal Hooks

Our most popular vocal release this year was Vocal Roads Arabian Vocal Hooks, a world fusion of instruments and mesmerising vocal hooks. Arabian Vocal Hooks is a massive sample pack of compelling vocals with backs, adlibs, lyrics, and live instruments such as saz, doul, nogora, tabla, bouzouki, chumbush, violin, and diora.


2) Amanda Wilson - House & Disco Vocals

Amanda Wilson’s stunning House & Disco Vocals pack was 2021’s second most popular vocal offering. Recorded at the Loopmasters studio using the finest microphones, hardware compressors and outboard gear available this killer sound library contains all manner of hooks, adlibs, stacked vocal harmonies and full loops.


3) Retro Funk Vocals

Coming in at number three is Renegade Audio’s Retro Funk Vocals. Retro Funk Vocals is all about that late ‘70s sound and lyrical phrasing, with classic party anthem calls to the dancefloor. It’s all there in this pack, ready for you to add a little funky-spice to your tracks.


Top 3 cinematic packs of 2021

Whether you're making epic neuro bass or scoring a video project, cinematic sound packs are an unparalleled vehicle for transporting you to another musical realm. We’ve had a plethora of amazing cinematic additions to our sound library in 2021 – here are the ones that the Loopcloud community have been using the most.


Loopmasters · Top 3 Cinematic sample packs of 2021


1) Mist

Combining dark, hypnotic and mystic vibes to provide the perfect backdrop for mystery, crime, thriller and supernatural fiction visuals, Mist by Cinetools was our most popular cinematic sound pack this year.


2) Mythica

It’s Cinetools again at number two. This time they’re taking you to the Middle Ages with Mythica. Grab your axe, dive into the old-times fight and scatter the enemy attack to protect your blessed lover with these 1092 cinematic samples.


3) Real Strings Dark Mood 2

Organic Loops’ Real Strings Dark Mood 2, a deep and brooding selection of rich and intricate string loops, recorded live, was the third most popular cinematic pack on Loopcloud in 2021. The Real Strings collection has become synonymous with quality recordings and Real Strings Dark Mood 2 certainly lives up to that


Top 3 downtempo packs of 2021

The world hasn’t really given us much of a break over the past two years – sometimes all you want to do is get your headphones on, settle down with your laptop and make some vibey downtempo tunes. Get in the chill out zone with our most popular downtempo sample packs of 2021.


Loopmasters · Top 3 Downtempo sample packs of 2021


1) Catching Flies - Ambient Electronic

London musician, DJ and record producer Catching Flies claims the crown for most popular downtempo sample pack this year. His gorgeous collection of sound Catching Flies - Ambient Electronic is a deep and soulful journey of atmospheric electronica. Lovingly crafted for maximum emotional effect, fusing elements of trip-H=hop, downtempo and ambient music, Catching Flies has produced a breath-taking sample collection dripping with character and clarity.


2) Voyage - Chilled Trip Hop & Electronica

Loopmasters’ own Voyage - Chilled Trip Hop & Electronica is number two in the 2021 downtempo chart. Drawing influence from a wide range of sounds and bringing them together into one coherent package, Voyage will be sure to get your creative synapses firing and prepare you to carve out your own sonic landscapes.


3) IQ Samples - Beautiful World

At number three is IQ Samples - Beautiful World. This beautiful world of melodies and swing rhythms can easily be applied to many genres including hip-hop, future bass, house – let your creativity lead you!


Top 3 drum & bass packs of 2021

Drum & bass was one of our most popular genres this year. It’s a style of music that continues to stay relevant and there are no signs of that popularity waning. We’ve had some amazing news drum & bass sample packs added to the Loopcloud library in 2021. They range from old school jungle style sounds to ultra modern sound design heavy samples – here are the three most popular drum & bass sample packs of 2021.


Loopmasters · Top 3 Drum & Bass sample packs of 2021


1) Monrroe - Drum & Bass

Monrroe delivers Monrroe - Drum & Bass, a stunning pack of liquid inspired drum & bass samples featuring many of the sounds you will know from his outstanding productions.  Known for his beautiful atmospheric soundscapes, warm bass and rolling drums, Monrroe gives you the chance to up your production game quickly and easily.


2) Roni Size - Confessions of an Audio Addict

Mercury award winner Roni Size is responsible for the second most popular drum & bass pack on Loopcloud this year; not bad seeing as it only came out in November! You can find out more about Roni and Confessions of an Audio Addict here, or hear what he had to say about the process of creating a sample pack on the Beatportal blog.


3) Urban Agency Drum & Bass Vol 1

Run by the legendary Micky Finn, Urban Agency looks after a huge number of key names in the drum & bass scene. This 100% royalty-free sample collection contains content from some hard hitters in their roster including Voltage, Heist, DJ Limited and Original Sin!


Top 3 hip hop packs of 2021

The relationship between hip hop and sample flipping is a tale as old as time (well, at least as old as the 80s). Here are the sample packs hip hop producers have been using the most in 2021.


Loopmasters · Top 3 Hip Hop sample packs of 2021


1) Freddie Joachim - Jazz Hop Classics

Freddie Joachim Jazz Hop Classics was our most popular hip hop pack of 2021. This library is a timeless collection of hand-crafted beats and lavish instrumental sounds, awash with stunningly textured sounds and old-school production.


2) Real Hip Hop

APOLLO SOUND’s Real Hip Hop is a collection of smashing drum loops created on legendary drum-machines; live crunchy drum breaks saturated with vinyl; fat low bass lines recorded with a Fender Jazz bass and diverse hardware synthesizers; funky guitar riffs cooked with a classic Crybaby Wah pedal; aggressive brass & strings loops, famous g-funk and west coast leads; and loads more. Phew –  no wonder it’s number two in our hip hop chart!


3) Brooklyn Hip Hop

Taking the number three spot is Industrial Strength’s Brooklyn Hip Hop. A pack true to its name, Brooklyn Hip Hop was created in Brooklyn, New York for producers looking for a real dark and authentic-sounding pack.


Top 3 house packs of 2021

Nothing beats a four to the floor kick, and no house kicks hit harder than the ones you’ll find on Loopcloud. Whether it was shuffling drums, grooving basslines, rave stabs or euphoric vocals, house producers found everything they were looking for on Loopcloud this year.


Loopmasters · Top 3 House sample packs of 2021


1) Rodriguez Jr. - Polychromic House

Polychromic House is the debut sample pack from melodic house & techno legend Rodriguez Jr.. The pack sees Rodriguez Jr. delve into his extensive hardware collection to bring you sounds from a star studded list of iconic synths and drum machines. See what Rodriguez Jr. had to say about the pack in his Producer Spotlight interview.


2) TERR - Cosmic Electro

Number two in our house list is Brazilian producer and DJ TERR’s Cosmic Electro pack. Cosmic Electro is packed with retro inspired sounds from driving electro basslines, inspiring analog synth workouts, beautiful arps, trippy SFX and vintage movie voice samples – perfect for an 80s inspired vibe. Learn more about TERR’s creative process for the pack here.


3) House For Heads

House For Heads from UNDRGRND Sounds is number three in our house list for 2021. Taking inspiration from the original house music scenes of New York, London, New Jersey and Chicago, House For Heads seamlessly fuses these classic flavours with contemporary tech and bass-heavy flavours to create a retro-inspired, future-facing pack.


Top 3 instruments packs of 2021

No one can play every instrument (that is, unless you're Jacob Collier) but sometimes you just know a track needs that specific sound that you can only get from, say, a harp. In situations like this Loopcloud has your back – here are our most popular instrumental packs of 2021.


Loopmasters · Top 3 Instruments sample packs of 2021


1) Jazz Notes

You’ll be hard pressed to find players with the calibre of the incredible musicians who feature on Jazz Notes. In our number one instrumental pack of the year you’ll find a refined collection of classic instruments with double basses, live drums, pianos and saxophones played by key session musicians on the jazz circuit today.


2) Lack of Afro Presents Jazz Crates

It looks like the Loopcloud crew couldn’t get enough of jazz in 2021. Number two on our instrumentals list is Lack of Afro Presents Jazz Crates, a modern soul-jazz slant on classic hard bop, effortlessly channeling the spirit of the golden Blue Note era of jazz. Hear from Lack of Afro about how he developed his signature retro soul sound here.


3) Soul Funk

On the funkier side of the Loopcloud library, Soul Funk from Frontline Producer is our third most popular instrumental pack of 2021. With live electric bass, classic keys, authentic strings and funky guitars, Frontline Producer brings you produced perfection and a full trunk of funk!


Top 3 techno packs of 2021

Techno? Tech-yes! Techno was the number one genre on Loopcloud this year. The genre has always been big, but in 2021 people developed an even larger appetite for it. Whether it be minimal melodic late night groovers or ear drum rinsing 160 BPM industrial destroyers, techno lives on in our hearts (and ears the morning after). Here are the most popular techno sample packs of 2021.


Loopmasters · Top 3 Techno sample packs of 2021


1) Carl Cox Collective - My Life In Music

It’s no surprise that legendary DJ Carl Cox takes the top spot in the techno Category. My Life In Music is an incredible collection of original loops and one shot samples written and recorded by Carl Cox and the talented production duo Samplify, aka Davide Carbone and Josh Abrahams. Featuring solid club loops and sounds including rich fat bass lines, vintage drum breaks, searing leads, warm pads and a special collection of mixed groove hooks – this ones sure to get a dance floor moving.


2) Umek - Techno Foundations

At number two is Umek - Techno Foundations, Loopmasters’ second collaboration with the legendary DJ Umek. This sample pack shares some of the core sounds that Umek has constructed to use as foundations for his own tracks, so others can share in his years of music producing experience to help progress their own tunes. You’ll find deep bass, rolling percussion, heavyweight kicks, trippy vocals, immersive SFX and much more.


3) Melodic Techno by Incognet

For Melodic Techno by Incognet, Singomakers teamed up with the super talented producer Incognet. Inspired by the music of Stephan Bodzin, Tale Of Us, Adriatique, Maceo Plex, Mind Against, Fur Coat, and Afterlife, it’s no wonder this was the third most popular techno pack of 2021.


Top 3 trap packs of 2021

Trap is the sound that’s dominated the airwaves over the past decade or so. Artists like Cardi B, 21 Savage and Travis Scott aren’t just rap stars, they’re pop stars, and trap producers like Metro Boomin’, Zaytoven and Internet Money are some of the best paid musicians in the industry. With the genre as big as it is, it’s no surprise so many of our Loopcloud community have been using trap sounds this year – here are the sample packs they used the most.


Loopmasters · Top 3 Trap sample packs of 2021


1) Tranquillity - Chill Trap

Taking a relaxed approach to trap, Tranquillity - Chill Trap by RV Samplepacks was the number trap pack on Loopcloud this year. Inspired by the OVO sound label, founded by Drake in 2012 alongside Oliver El-Khatib and Noah `40’ Shebib, this pack is crammed full of quality trap samples for you to use in your tracks.


2) Evil Needle - Future Trap Vibes

Number two in the Loopcloud trap charts is Evil Needle Future Trap Vibes, an emphatic collection of future trap, beamed in directly from the studio of Evil Needle. Expect over 180 loops of gut busting basslines, incendiary beats, stony percussion and a wealth of other musical loops


3) Moody Trap 2

From the minds of the people at HY2ROGEN, Moody Trap 2 will give your trap beats that atmospheric edge. This pack takes inspiration from artists like Post Malone, Travis Scott, Metro Boomin’, Tay Keith, Wheezy, Mike Will and many others, but also delivers a new sound direction for producers to take on when producing beats and tracks.


Top 3 DRUM expansion kits

Loopcloud DRUM makes it possible to get high quality drums on your tracks with just a few clicks. DRUM can build kits from purchased sample packs and other imported sounds in your sample library, but you also get access to inspiring kits that are ready to go. This year we’ve released some cutting edge kits curated by world class producers and record labels.


Loopmasters · Top 3 DRUM sample packs of 2021


1) Carl Craig - Planet E Drums

At number one it’s Detroit Techno legend Carl Craig coming through with Planet E Drums. This kit is drenched in old school flavour and run through Carl’s outboard chain to add a final mastering sweep of that juicy Carl Craig sound.


2) Toolroom - Tech House

House music aficionados Toolroom hand selected sounds from the likes of Mark Knight, Siege and James Hurr to create this top shelf kit. You can expect unique drum hits, synth stabs, bass, FX and more all primed and ready for you to start making bangers!


3) The Mouse Outfit - UK Hip Hop

If you love classic hip hop with a modern twist, you’ll definitely be feeling UK Hip Hop from Manchester hip hop production team and live band Mouse Outfit. This kit is stacked full of phat hip hop drums, with a few nods to the contemporary sounds of 808-driven UK trap and drill.


Top 3 PLAY instrument packs

Alongside DRUM in the plugin suite is Loopcloud PLAY, which allows you to pull together fundamental genre-specific sounds from the Loopcloud library to create instantly playable instruments. You can also wield the power of presets, specially put together by leading artists and labels with sounds curated from their sample packs. Here are the top three PLAY expansion packs from 2021.


Loopmasters · Top 3 PLAY sample packs of 2021


1) Biesmans

At the top of the list sits Belgian producer and DJ Joris Biesmans, with the 80’s inspired sounds of Trains, Planes and Automobiles. This PLAY expansion pack features 10 synth patches that were captured from Biesmans’ classic hardware synths collection, serving up a platter of soaring leads, retro polysynths, and bold basses.


2) Nu:Tone

Nu:Tone’s Artist Series pack Nu:Tone Drum and Bass Vol 1 is full of essential tools for drum and bass producers, so it’s no surprise that his PLAY expansion pack Nu:Tone Dirty DNB Bass was popular this year. With this instrument you’ll find 10 fully-customizable synth bass patches that are bound to deliver growling low end to any track you’re working on.


3) Atjazz Deep Analogue

Jazzy deep house aka Atjazz rounds out the list with Atjazz Deep Analogue, a collection of five synth patches for Loopcloud PLAY. These lush synth patches are specially made from sounds selected from the hit Deep & Analogue sample pack, and are perfect for house music production styles.