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Three women who found their voice through sampling
8 Mar '2023
We profile three of the greatest artist packs from the past year made by female sample-smiths and sound designers.
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At Loopmasters and Loopcloud, our artist packs are some of the most popular collections, putting top artists in the spotlight, and offering their own creative expression to use within your own project. Three such recent packs created by female artists include Echoes by Francesca Lombardo, Producers Sounds by Emika, and Melodic Minimal by Yulia Niko.


In this article, we’ll cast a light on these three great packs, each of which is available from Loopmasters or via Loopcloud.


Francesca Lombardo



Francesca Lombardo is an Italian DJ and producer who has been captivating audiences around the world for over a decade. Her career began in the early 2000s, when she started performing in local clubs and festivals around Italy. It wasn't long before her talent caught the attention of larger audiences and record labels.


Since then, Francesca has released several more popular albums and singles, including Life of Leaf LP and the single A Million Souls, which have garnered her a massive following across the globe. Her unique blend of Techno, House, and Ambient music has been hailed as innovative and refreshing, earning her a reputation as one of the most talented electronic music producers of her generation.


Over the years, Francesca Lombardo has performed at some of the world's most notable festivals, including Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival, solidifying her status as one of the most respected and admired figures in the electronic music industry.





Echoes is Francesca’s sample pack, featuring a collection of atmospheric sounds and organic recordings intended to inspire and enhance your productions. 


Lombardo describes the pack as "a selection of sounds that represent me" and says that it was created through a process of "collecting and recording sounds from around the world." The pack contains a range of one-shots and loops, including field recordings and vocal samples. Her aim was to create a diverse set of sounds that could be used to add depth and emotion to electronic music tracks.





Emika is a British electronic musician and composer who has been a force in the industry since the release of her debut album in 2011. Also known as Ema Jolly, Emika began her career as a sound designer for Native Instruments, a company known for its music software. She quickly gained a reputation as a talented producer and composer, which led her to create her own music. In 2011, she released her self-titled debut album, which was met with critical acclaim and garnered a massive following.


Since then, Emika has released several more popular albums and singles, including Drei and Falling in Love with Sadness, which have cemented her status as one of the most innovative and exciting electronic music artists of her generation. Her sound is a unique blend of experimental Pop, Techno, and Classical music – something that is truly her own.


Emika has also made waves in the live music scene, performing at some of the world's most prestigious festivals, including Glastonbury Festival. Her live shows are known for their dynamic energy and immersive visuals, providing an experience that goes beyond just the music.


Producers Sounds



Producers Sounds is Emika’s sample pack, featuring a collection of loops, samples, and one-shots in her unique style. Emika created the pack by drawing on her own experiences and sound design techniques, as well as contributions from a community of producers and sound designers. 


In our article, Emika stated that the pack is "an embodiment of a lot of my techniques and approaches" and that it was created with the intention of providing producers with a diverse range of sounds and tools to create music. The pack includes a variety of sounds, including drum loops, synth melodies, and vocal chops, with an emphasis on organic and experimental textures.


Yulia Niko



The electronic music world has seen a wave of talented female producers and DJs making their mark in recent years, and Yulia Niko is undoubtedly one of the most exciting. The Russian-born, New York-based artist has been making waves in the industry since the release of her debut EP in 2014 and has been a consistent presence on the underground scene ever since.


Yulia Niko's career began in the early 2010s, when she started producing music in her hometown of Moscow. Since then, Yulia has released several more popular EPs and singles, including Pura Vida and Intuicion. Her unique blend of genres has earned her a dedicated following among underground dance music enthusiasts. She has also performed at some of the world's most notable festivals, cementing her status as one of the most exciting electronic music artists on the circuit.


Melodic Minimal



Melodic Minimal is Yulia Niko’s sample pack, featuring a collection of sounds inspired by her experiences as a musician and DJ. The pack includes a range of melodic and percussive loops, one-shots, and MIDI files designed to enhance music productions in the Minimal Techno genre. 


In our interview article about Melodic Minimal, Yulia Niko states that the pack was created with the intention of providing producers with "a comprehensive toolkit" for producing in her ‘melodic minimal’ style. She emphasizes the importance of incorporating organic and emotional elements into the genre, and the pack plays host to a variety of textures and timbres, including piano, strings, and atmospheric recordings. Overall, Melodic Minimal is a versatile pack designed to inspire creativity and innovation in Minimal Techno production.