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About Blues

The Loopmasters Blues collection is rich with the authentic sound of the deep south, evoking and inspiring the Blues sound you need to liven up and enrich your music. Our full-bodied blues samples are performed and played by established musicians and vocalists, ensuring the life and soul of the blues sound is delivered to you in unparalleled quality - whether it’s powerful vocals, emotive slide guitars, smooth keys, wailing harmonicas or slick bass guitars you require. Our Blues music samples contain elements from and inspiration for jazz, R'n'B, rock & roll and every other incarnation of the genre - with full tracks to dissect, as well as blues loops and samples to build your own 12 bar pentatonic masterpiece. Loopmasters blues sounds also come in multi-sampled patches to play and perform from the comfort of your studio, recorded directly from the fingertips of seasoned musicians by top studio engineers. These full-bodied collections come with the swing and flow integral to the true blues sound, with the free form delivery unrestricted by electronic quantizing and robotic sequences. The Loopmasters blues collection captures this richly expressive genre down to the finest detail, with all the nuanced harmonics, clicks, squeaks and taps emitted from real-world instruments.


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