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About Bass

Loopmasters offer the very best bass sample packs available anywhere, with a monumental selection of eclectic bass samples from smooth acoustic double bass to razor-edged neuro synth bass and everything in between. If you need live bass loops, dirty synth bass presets or intricate multi sampled bass, our bass sound library is second to none, available in 24-bit quality to capture the nuanced details of this essential sonic element. Our royalty free bass sounds have been formatted and organised for immediate use in your tracks, tuned by our in house team and labelled with key and tempo information to fit into existing productions or inspire a new track. Discover a diverse range of royalty free bass guitar samples played by seasoned professionals for genres such as rock, indie, metal, funk and soul, alongside chunky synth bass sound samples recorded directly from classic analogue synths. Find royalty free bass collections in our genre focused packs alongside other musical elements or choose an instrument focused pack with bass loops and multi-sampled instruments formatted for midi playback from our pre-made sampler patches. Whatever genre of music you’re making bass is one of the most crucial elements required to underpin the mix - from frequency modulated sub sonics to slick bass guitar sound samples, we’ve got all the low end sounds you need.


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