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About Soul and RnB

Loopmasters offer the smoothest selection of royalty free soul and r&b samples, with a huge selection of inspirational sounds to take your music to the next level. Every soul sample pack has been crafted and curated by established artists, professional producers and upcoming beatmakers to bring you the best soul samples available anywhere online. The Loopmasters collection is packed with clarity, texture and tone to bring you lush melodic rnb samples, the best r&b vocal sample and weighty rnb beats in equal measure. Each r&b samples pack comes with a combination of soul loops, one hits, synth presets, sampler patches and MIDI patterns to inspire a sleek and stylish groove, underpinned by big soul beats. With real world keys, horns and wind instruments to choose from, you can find the perfect melodic accompaniment for your productions, alongside a beautifully expressive soul vocal sample. Our rnb samples come in a range of musical keys and tempos to fit your music, with the vibe of 90s r&b samples - packed with analogue warmth, glistening percussion and deeply textured soulscapes. Loopmasters have the rnb sample pack to suit your style, with r&b beats, futuristic jazz chords, and that elusive r&b guitar sample you’ve been looking for.


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