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About Trip Hop

Loopmasters bring you the greatest royalty free Trip Hop samples sourced directly from the streets and suburbs where the genre was born. Every trip hop sample pack has been crafted and curated by established artists, professional producers and emerging beatmakers to ensure you get the most inspirational trip hop elements available anywhere online. Build your sound around our inspirational trip hop foundations, packed with haunting vocals, melancholic instrumentals and bass heavy back beats. Our collection is packed with high fidelity formats available for all the biggest daws - with trip hop loops, one shots, sampler patches, synth presets and MIDI patterns to bring elements of dub, soul, jazz, hip hop and electronics to your music. We’ve got a moody collection of instrumentals to cover a lurid spectrum of sounds with rhodes, mellotrons, flutes and double basses enlisted for ultimate authenticity - alongside the essential trip hop female vocals. Let us take you back to the sound system subculture of the 1990s, where downtempo hiphop fused with psychedelic sounds to create one of the most long-standing and influential genres of recent times. Loopmasters pre-matched trip hop drums put the power of this urban electronica at your fingertips, with big trip hop beats only a few clicks away. Sample our trip hop vocals, trip hop drum loops and trip hop bass in sync with your daw, using Loopcloud our online sample library.


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