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About Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Loopmasters bring you the best in royalty free Lofi Hip Hop samples, created by established artists, professional producers and emerging beatmakers from across the globe. Every lofi hip hop sample pack is compatible with the biggest daws and is available in high fidelity formats featuring a range of lofi hip hop loops, one shots, sampler patches, synth presets and MIDI patterns. Get a cassette inspired, lofi hip hop vinyl sound with experimental and expressive qualities, going against the grain of technological advances. We’ve got a huge selection of lofi hip hop drums, laced with analogue warmth, harmonic distortion and nostalgic tape hiss - complete with abstract chords, rich synthetic tones and missplayed notation. Discover lofi hip hop drum loops in a vast range of tempos, from pitched down percussion to glitched up breaks, delivering head nodding lofi hip hop beats to your smokey melodies. Loopmasters give you authentic lofi hip hop bass using real world instruments, lofi hip hop piano loaded with wow and flutter, lofi hip hop vocals brimming with character and lofi hip hop guitar packed with glorious imperfection. Every one of our lofi hip hop sounds can be previewed in sync with your track using Loopcloud, the online sample library.


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