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About Liquid

Loopmasters have collected the biggest and best royalty free Liquid Drum and Bass samples, packed with colorful harmonic leads, uplifting basslines and deep rolling breaks. Every liquid drum and bass sample pack has been created by established artists, professional producers and talented sound designers to ensure you get the studio quality sound you need to cut through. We’ve collated a world of liquid drum and bass sounds, with influences from jazz, soul, blues and latin music including traditional instruments, classic outboard gear and vintage effects. Loopmasters have enlisted the talents of singers worldwide to bring you the finest liquid drum and bass vocals to enrich your fluid dancefloor fillers. Choose from liquid dnb loops, one hits, sampler patches, synth presets and midi patterns, for the ultimate spectrum of sound packed with nuanced details and a melodic emotive atmosphere. Select from a huge range of drum and bass sounds in sync with your tracks using Loopcloud, our online sample library. Pick up liquid drum and bass female vocals matched to the key of your productions - packed with dynamism, soul and mystery. You’ll find formats, tutorials and templates for all the biggest daws, processed, polished and effected to bring out their very best.


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