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About Asia

Loopmasters have collected the best selection of royalty free asian sounds from the most talented musicians and producers across this expansive continent. We’ve collected authentic sounds from china, vietnam, korea, japan, hong kong, indonesia and many more to bring you a diverse reflection of the continent captured in the highest fidelity formats. Discover a calming selection of sounds, tutorials and templates inspired by the true sound of asia. Each asian sample pack has been created by established artists, expert sound designers and professional musicians to bring you asian loops and sounds in a vast range of tempos. We’ve captured the intricate rhythmic structures, ethereal harmonies and exotic chords you need for the perfect asian sample in your music. Loopmasters extensive collection of asian music samples with bowed, wind, and percussive asian instrument samples in musical keys to suit modern music. We’ve collected beautiful asian vocal samples, plucked traditional instruments and idyllic asian flute samples to bring eastern sounds directly to your studio. The Loopmasters collection includes one shots, loops, sampler patches, synth presets and midi patterns edited and formatted for the biggest daws on the scene. Browse our entire asian sample collection in sync with your productions using Loopcloud, our online sample browser.


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