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About Sci-Fi

Loopmasters have a huge range of cinematic samples to add flair, tension and atmosphere to your musical productions. We’ve got the best scifi sounds on the market, including ominous alien drones, vintage electronic calculations and vast interstellar impacts. Each of our sci fi sound effects has been crafted and curated by expert sound designers to ensure you have a sinister selection of scifi motifs, androidenous riffs and interplanetary soundscapes. Our visionary producers have created pioneering sci fi sounds inspired by avant garde cinema, cinematic epics and intergalactic voyages immortalised on the big screen. If you need sci fi movie sound effects, textures or dialogue, look no further than Loopmasters - we have the sounds of spaceships, lazers, intercoms, anti-gravity guns, portals and much more. Loopmasters royalty free sci fi sounds cover a range of styles, with loops, one shots, sampler patches, synth presets and MIDI patterns to envisage another world. Each sound comes in high fidelity formats, with the depth, clarity and subtlety of an impending invasion available from the comfort of your studio. Prepare to create stunning landscapes and lurid visions for your audience with our definitive collection of sci fi samples, with content to preview in sync with your track directly from Loopcloud, our online sample library.


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