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Loopmasters offer the best in music production courses available now - helping you learn professional production techniques, sound design processes and creating the integral details required to take your music to the next level. Our online music courses cover a huge range of subjects with clear and methodical instructions to playback at your own pace, with the option to pause and repeat as many times as you need. Our music courses will develop your music theory, enrich your sound design techniques and familiarise you with specialist effect processes in an intuitive and captivating way. We have the best music production courses to stream from any location with an internet connection - packed with advice on music production for beginners and veterans alike. You’ll find in-depth advice on production in every sound course, or focus on your chosen genre. We’ve got music courses from established producers and industry professionals sharing their music producers tips for house, techno, drum & bass and more. Loopmasters offer sound production courses which go deep into recording, arrangement and mastering, showing you the fine details necessary to make professional-sounding music with energy and flow. Loopmasters is the definitive place to get exactly what you need to produce music, where every style of a producer can study how to produce music from established artists and industry professionals.


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