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About Codex Samples

Codex Recordings is a techno music label started by Vitalii Babii also known as Spartaque in 2015, during a tough time for Ukraine, his home country. Despite these challenges, the label was determined to show the world the strength and creativity of Ukrainians. Spartaque, with a lot of experience in electronic music, aimed to make Codex Recordings a place for top-notch techno tunes that stand out and make people listen.

The label focuses on finding and releasing music that is fresh and exciting, always looking for new sounds in the techno scene. It's not just about putting out music; Codex wants to build a community of artists and fans who share a love for techno. It is for this reason that showcases are often organised to bring people together to enjoy the music.

Over the years, Codex Recordings has grown and gained respect in the techno world by sticking to its goals and adapting to changes in the music industry. The label is proud of its Ukrainian roots and sees itself as a symbol of what can be achieved with passion and hard work in music. Codex is more than a music label; it's a movement that celebrates the power of techno to bring people together.

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