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About Rock

Loopmasters have the heaviest collection of royalty-free rock samples available online - played by seasoned musicians and recorded in top studios. The rock sounds you’ll find on our site have been performed, captured and produced to fit immediately in your music; with rage-fuelled guitars, emotive vocals, overdriven live basses and huge acoustic drums to choose from. Each of our rock music samples is formatted and organised for easy integration with the daw you use. Get essential rock loops busting with iconic shreds, finger-picked riffs and lightspeed arpeggios, delivered in 24-Bit quality, in mixed parts to create distinctive choruses, verses, intros and middle 8s. Loopmasters offer rock loops, samples and full track stems to form the layers you need to set the mood and raise the bar. Get packs dedicated to individual instruments such as live bass, acoustic guitars, vocals, electric guitars, keys and acoustic drums - with all content labelled with key, tempo and contents for ease of use. You’ll find the most extensive collection of rock sounds on our site, inspired by blues, folk, funk and R'n'B - with seamless integration with your grunge, indie, punk and heavy metal tracks. You can download rock samples directly from our site or from Loopcloud, our online storage app where you can preview every sound live in context with your track.


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