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About Hip Hop

Loopmasters have the best hip hop sample packs representing every era of this influential genre, from its streetside beginnings and 90s golden era up to the laid backflows of the new millennium. We have classic MPC drum loops, big sampled stabs and live acoustic bass to deliver the hip hop sounds you need, packed with stunning production quality and 24 Bit audio clarity. Our royalty free hip hop samples pay homage to the era of breakdancers, graffiti artists and ghetto blasters, fused with the latest production techniques from beatmakers and sound designers at the top of their game. We’ve also enlisted the vocal talents of MCs, freestylers and singers, bringing flowing bars incisive lyrics and stunning up-front flows. Add some sample-accurate turntablism, delivering cuts and scratches bursting with otherworldly energy and you’ll agree we have the best hip hop samples available anywhere We have royalty-free hip hop loops, drum kits, MIDI patterns and sampler patches to inspire underground flows, laid-back beats and urban productions. Get the best hip hop music samples on our site, or access our entire hip hop sample library within your daw using Loopcloud - where each sound is synced and played back in context with your track before you buy. Get inspired by the best hip hop loops and beats to keep you flowing in the studio,


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