rewards plus programme

Rewards+ is a multi-tier loyalty scheme at It is based on the amount of money you spend in your purchases. The bottomline is this: for each £50 you spend in our shop you will qualify for one of the rewards. If you spend multiples of £50 in one checkout, you can claim multiple Rewards+. First - find out what the various rewards are:

free samplepacks

Instant value and instant action! Select a free Loopmasters Samplepack on your shopping cart page. After checkout you'll be able to select which free pack you want and it will be added to your account.

You can audition each product to hear what the production sounds like. Use it to your liking afterwards, it's Royalty Free!

Here's what you can qualify for. Each cover image allows you to audition the demo track and read a brief description

Coupon Codes

You can choose to invest in savings in the future. One such "investment" is a Coupon Code. We will usually have a few coupons for you to choose from. Use the issued coupon during checkout for savings.

When you decide that you want a coupon code for a product you must click the I WANT THIS COUPON button. The code will then be revealed. Copy that code so that you can type it in or paste in at checkout.

Virtual Cash

Virtual Cash (or VC) is real money stored in your account's "wallet" for each and every paid order. We put aside 10% of your total spend. The amount of VC you have collected is shown at the top of your account page:You can use this amount during checkout - you simply type in how much you want to take off the price you're paying.

Extra Virtual Cash

Extra Virtual Cash is £1.25 additional Virtual Cash we offer you during checkout. The difference between VC+ and regular VC is that we leave it up to you how much you want to use. Each Reward Token is worth £1.25 and you choose how many of these to put into your Virtual Cash wallet. Just select how many you want and click the CONVERT button.


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