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About Jazz

Loopmasters royalty-free jazz samples collect the cream of musical talent from around the world, expertly recorded by talented producers to deliver you a diverse selection of Jazz sounds to use in your music. Our jazz loops contain the electric live energy the genre is renowned for, capturing the nuanced tones, hits, clicks and expression integral to capture the mood and feeling of performances by seasoned musicians. We have a vast selection of jazz sample packs, fusing the free-flowing sound within jazz loops and a vast selection of multi-sampled instruments for individual playback and sequences from your daw. Our collection of jazz music samples has elements of roots, blues, ragtime and free jazz, featuring pianos, trumpets, saxophones, double bass, flutes, drums and guitars - for improvised solos, polyrhythmic rhythms and fretless bass lines to orchestrate a blue note masterpiece. Download jazz samples from our site or preview the entire catalogue live in Loopcloud, your online sample library, accessible from anywhere to preview the best jazz samples in context with your music. Our Jazz sounds combine textured moods with syncopated percussion and unpredictable song structures with a fusion of experimental tones and timbres - expect nothing but the sound of supreme jazz love.


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