Lo-Fi House

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About Lo-Fi House

Loopmasters present the finest selection of royalty free Lo fi House samples available anywhere online in formats to ignite your musical productions. Each lo fi house sample pack is bursting with the glitched up electronics, manipulated melodies and 8-bit beats required to create a soothing lofi anthem packed with a woozy sense of nostalgia. Each lo fi house pack has been created and curated by top producers, established artists and emerging beatmakers to ensure you get the rugged cassette quality for your music. Choose from lo fi house loops, one shots, sampler patches, synth presets and midi patterns - meticulously formatted to work in the most popular daws. Get that saturated mixtape sound of crunchy outboard effects, hardware analogue synths and budget lofi keyboards here - we have lo fi house sounds in a range of musical keys and tempos to suit your dusty productions. . Loopmasters have chunky lo fi house drums, bit crushed and processed to cut through the mix, as well as the perfect lo fi house drum kit, chosen to put matched drum sounds at your fingertips. Browse the entire collection in sync with your session using Loopcloud, the online sample library, where you can access your sounds from anywhere in the world.


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