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Soul Magic
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Genre: Soul

Additional Styles: Funk

Steeped in the spirit of classic ’70s soul and funk, Soul Magic is a supremely authentic library of 100% live loops, played by a virtuosic team of instrumentalists.

Produced by RocDust – aka Chris Pedley of funk band The Baker Brothers – Soul Magic comprises four tempo-based sets of bass, drum, guitar and horn section loops, at 98, 105, 114 and 123bpm, with the 98bpm collection in 6/8 time for a laid-back, swung vibe. As well as a multitude of core grooves, riffs and progressions in a range of keys, you’ll find a wealth of fills, variations and more, from funky drum breaks and spiky guitar chops to trumpet and sax solos, and more. Loops can be mixed and matched to build up full band performances, or used individually as source material for your own customised breaks and beats.

In keeping with the ’classic’ theme of the pack, the recording path used to capture the sounds of Soul Magic was entirely analogue, while the mix was kept generally dry for maximum versatility. The guitars were amped up with a Fender Twin; the ’72 Fender Precision bass went through a 70s Fender Bass Man amp; and everything was recorded via AKG C414 and Coles microphones, with Thermionic Culture Rooster and API 3124+ preamps, for palpable vintage warmth and character.

Whether used ‘as is’ or fed into a sampler for slicing and dicing, Soul Magic adds up to an essential grab-bag of groovy licks and lines, bringing the energy and feel of a real live band to your DAW-based productions.

In detail, Soul Magic contains 1.10GB of content, comprising 365 audio files in pristine 24-bit stereo WAV format, at tempos between 98 and 123bpm.

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  • 1.10 GB
  • 24-bit/44.1kHz, stereo
  • 365 audio files
  • 68 Bass Guitar Loops
  • 79 Live Drum Loops
  • 144 Guitar Loops
  • 74 Horn Section Loops
  • Tempos: 98,105,114 and 123bpm

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    • 1.10 GB
    • 24-bit/44.1kHz, stereo
    • 365 audio files
    • 68 Bass Guitar Loops
    • 79 Live Drum Loops
    • 144 Guitar Loops
    • 74 Horn Section Loops
    • Tempos: 98,105,114 and 123bpm
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Nickthayer big


Nick Thayer
Is this the first time I ever rated a pack 10/10? Because this is the real deal. The recordings sound fantastic, the lines themselves are great, and the whole thing just oozes authenticity.
Middleton big


Tom Middleton
Pow! It's that Baker Brothers authentic sound! Virtuoso instrumentalists, jamming in perfect synchrony, immaculately recorded, flawlessly produced. Mint collection of grooves, licks and elements that would fit in a Craig Charles Funk and Soul session.


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