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James Harcourt

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  • SOR Hats & Tops Vol.1

    Rating: 7/10

    An interesting pack that provides nothing but hi hat and top end lines - no kicks or bass lines here, as the title would suggest. You can get a quick hi hat fix here if the placement of one-shots is too arduous! Useful for those who enjoy working with loops ...


    Rating: 7/10

    A very varied range of percussion items here. I've not used it extensively in my own productions but that's nothing to do with the quality of this pack, I'm just yet to dip in fully. Being much more a fan of one-shot samples than loops, I head straight for the one-shots and what I find here is great variety in the timbre and tone of the samples. For those of us that enjoy painstakingly putting together their own percussion lines from one shots with extensive EQ, this is a great resource.

    Solid stuff here, a really good quality toolkit. I particularly like the individual drum sounds, the claps and hats in particular - nice stereo images on a lot of the sounds. The tribal, percussive rhythms are also very cool for slicing & dicing!

    I've been a fan of Jon for years, his sets and productions always have the party vibe with an edge - and that is definitely captured in this sample pack. We have a healthy array of drum hits, but the loops are where the real fatness lies in the drums on this pack, in particular the digital breaks. The individual sounds and fx are also great and there is some nicely organic sounding breaks, but not too many of them. For me, it's all about the fx, digital breaks, basslines and lead basslines on this sample pack - but everything else is extremely cool too - inspiring stuff!


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