Juan Kidd

Juan Kidd

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JUAN KIDD is the man responsible for the dark, techy sometimes soulful house sounds you're hearing in the clubs right now - his sound is dry but dirty expertly polished. He is one of a breed of new school producer/djs with label's queuing up to sign his work. With bags of experience as a DJ and engineer, he is breaking through as one of the most respected producers on the underground scene.


  • Nice sounds here from Adam, with house getting a little trancey nowadays there are a lot of bits I can use from this pack that sound fat.

    Minimal Tech Vox

    Rating: 8/10

    Nice little very well produced pack, the samples are clean and large, I have already used a couple of them in tracks as I have with the vocal loops.

    Loving Steve's sample pack, it has loads of stuff I will definitely be using for my music. As an engineer as well as a producer a lot of producers ask for drums like these and they will make my life easier. Good Quality and different to all the rest.


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