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The mixing process is a hugely important final stage of producing a track and is necessary to add the professional touches that make your music sound sweet! In this compact masterclass, producer Jafunk concisely delivers all the techniques required to transform a mix, as he works through the sounds in his popular track ‘Fool For You’.

Starting with the drums, Jafunk looks at all the individual processing like bass enhancement, saturation and EQ, as well as delay for adding width, before moving onto send effects and bus compression. He then works his way through the melodic sounds, beginning with bass and synths then moving onto guitar and FX, again focussing on level balancing, frequency shaping and stereo imaging.

Although a few 3rd party plugins are incorporated in places, the majority of techniques are carried out with DAW (Ableton Live) factory devices and can be easily transferred over to other DAWs.

Signing up to this masterclass provides instant access to over an hour of streamed tutorials, as well as a delicious pack of bonus Funk samples from Loopmasters. Check out the sample module for an example of Jafunk’s clear and concise teaching approach, as he imparts the essential mixing tips needed to make your mixes sound professional.

Sample Module - Guitar Compression and Stereo Width Techniques

Course Breakdown

Jafunk introduces the course.

Module 1 - Drums Mixing
A demonstration of the mixing techniques behind all of the drums in the track, including the processing of all individual drums and then adding of effects to the drum buss.

Module 2 - Bass and Synths
Jafunk shares his tips for mixing all of the synthesized parts in the track, beginning with a look at the bass, before working through all of the leads and pads, ensuring that levels and frequencies are where they should be and all sounds fit nicely into the stereo field.
Lesson 1 - Bass Mixing - 6.53
Lesson 2 - Leads and Pads Mixing - 11.58

Module 3 - Guitars & FX
The last module focuses on the guitars and FX elements, again adding insert and send effects to provide depth and fill out the mix.
Lesson 1 - Guitars - 5.00
Lesson 2 - FX and Final Tweaks - 11.43

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