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Additional Styles: Funk and Bass

Producing basslines with all the soulfulness and funk of a skilled bassist can be tricky without any knowledge of how to put them together. Understanding the theory and composition, as well as how to jam and perform with a keyboard, will transform the process into something that not only produces great results but is also a lot of fun!

On this course from Jafunk, you’ll learn both the methodology behind playing basslines and the subsequent processing required to ensure the bass sounds professional and cuts through the mix.

The first half of the 2-hour course is devoted to the theory and playing styles, broken down into easily digestible chunks to allow for easier absorbing and practising of every technique. Lessons include tips for learning keys and scales, mastering intervals like octaves and fifths, with chromatic inflexions, pitch bends and slides, chords and key modulation, and lots more.

By the end of part 1, you’ll have learned all of the fundamental theory needed to play seriously funky bass on a MIDI keyboard, with numerous examples shown along the way, to help cement your understanding.

Part 2 then delves into the production side, beginning with synth patch editing and then exploring each of the plugins in Jafunk’s bass FX chain, which includes saturation, bass maximisation, series and parallel compression, and EQ. There is also a bonus section looking at processing recorded bass guitar, including some audio editing and gating techniques, followed by the ways FX processing differs from synth bass.

Enrolling on the course gets you instant access to the streamed tutorials, plus Jafunk’s practice Ableton Live project and MIDI clips from the theory section, along with a bonus pack of bass samples for adding to your collection; all you need to get making quality funk basslines today!

Sample Module - Slides and Pitch Bend

Course Breakdown:

Module 1 - Theory and Playing Techniques

This first module sees Jafunk going through all of the knowledge and skills required to play funk basslines on a MIDI keyboard, broken up into separate lessons dedicated to each technique, to help with practising the different exercises he recommends. Along the way, there are a number of examples of bassline creation, with subsequent analysis to ensure every tip is thoroughly understood.

  • Intro - 3.48
  • Lesson 1 - Theory Basics - 9.35
  • Lesson 2 - Octaves and Chromatic Phrasing - 8.00
  • Lesson 4 - Slides and Pitch Bend - 8.22
  • Lesson 5 - Intervals and Chords - 6.11
  • Lesson 6 - Modulating to different Keys - 4.41
  • Lesson 7 - Putting it all together - 7.10
  • Lesson 8 - Learning Songs and Basslines - 5.41

Module 2 - Engineering Methods

In this second module, Jafunk outlines all of the processes involved in engineering top-quality bass, from the initial editing and preparation of synth and recorded bass guitar, through to the compression, EQ, saturation and bass maximisation that results in a full and driving sound that cuts through the mix.

  • Lesson 1 - Bass Preset Selection/Editing and Saturation - 9.23
  • Lesson 2 - Synth Bass Effects Chain - 14.12
  • Lesson 3 - Live Bass Preparation Editing and Gating - 5.48
  • Lesson 4 - Live Bass Effects Chain - 15.12

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