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Blind Audio 2021 Mega Bundle

Genre: Downtempo

Additional Styles: Trip Hop, Neurofunk, Glitch, Rock, Techno, and House

Blind Audio launched in November 2019 since then we’ve had the chance to work with musicians and producers from all over the world. Together we’ve created some awesome packs that cover a wide range of different genres. 
As we are entering our 3rd year; we'd like to give you the chance to experience some of what we have to offer at a great price. We have bundled up 10 of the best sample libraries that we’ve released in the past year, and are offering them at a massive 80% discount!
This year's bundle includes a wide spread of different flavours from Alternative Rock music to Neuro Drum & Bass. We want to showcase some of the brilliant producers that we’ve been working with, and allow you to experience some of the different sounds that Blind Audio has to offer.
The following packs are included in this year’s Mega Bundle:
Sleepless - Dark Progressive
“Immerse yourself in a dark and brooding collection of electronic delights including: Stylish Chord Progressions, Bold Basslines and Hypnotic Rhythms, all set to pulsing four-to-the-floor drum beats. Vocal Stabs, Synth Hits & Transition FX round out the pack and make Sleepless an essential asset for anyone looking to explore the world of progressive house music.”
Galaxias House
“Discover new inspiration at the core of Galaxias. Treat your latest tracks to a cosmic palette of house music, not quite modern, not quite vintage, but stuck somewhere in between. You'll fall upon a far-reaching selection of sounds created, resampled and sequenced exclusively in the hardware world. You'll find the grit and dust of years gone imprinted on modern modular, and analog synths. Get your hands on a galaxy of useful sounds, including; punchy synth bass, serene synths, spirited chords, & hefty drum beats. All together this selection will let your latest house shine above the competition.”
Labyrinth - Modelled Ambient
"Most commonly heard in the world of Eurorack modular; these synthesis techniques can present some truly inspiring results, especially when paired with the lush texture of granular, pitch-shifted reverbs. In the right situation, these sounds could easily be mistaken for traditional stringed instruments such as guitars, koto, or similar; but their unique synthetic twist gives them an almost alien character that can’t be found in the acoustic domain."
Monolith - Retro Electronic
“All sounds are crafted using classic subtractive synthesizers to produce a distinct retro sound. A pallet of sleek leads, nostalgic pads and solid basslines are all tied together with luscious arpeggios and impactful drum loops. All sounds are professionally synthesized from the ground up to bring you a collection of sounds that you won't find in the preset sections of the latest VA software synths.”
Nemesis - Modular Drums
“All sounds included were patched and created by hand using a small Eurorack modular system. These sounds were designed using a mixture of classic analog synth modules and complex digital percussion voices. Further mixing and sculpting was performed within the rack using analog filters, complex ring modulation, LPGs, wavefolding, & distortion. The resulting oneshots are raw and without external processing, everything you hear comes directly from the rack.”
Aberration - Corrupted Oneshots
“Broken, crushed, destroyed and rebuilt. Aberration is a collection of oneshot samples that are guaranteed to add texture and character to any production. At the heart of this pack you will find a selection of sounds that have been exposed to a crossbreed of harsh digital effects and warm but modern processing, Aberration contains a unique array of drums, FX, bass and synth hits.”
Planetary Drum & Bass
“A weighty selection of high-energy modern production tools including monster drum grooves, gut-wrenching basslines and cutthroat synths. Risers and downfilter FX, vocal hits and a selection of useful drum, synth and bass shots make this an essential toolbox for any DNB producer. Planetary draws from an aggressive influence of Modern Neuro and Jump-Up DNB while translating nicely to Bass Music focused genres like Halftime and Drumstep.”
Aurelius - Chill & Lofi
“Bringing together a jazzy blend of nylon-string guitar, smooth electric bass and hazy Lofi Synths; Aurelius carries a fresh and distinct palette of sound that takes heavy influence from genres like Lofi Hip Hop Jazz-Hop & Bedroom Pop. Also boasting a selection of organic and found-sound content in the form of percussive foley elements and looped ambience. With sounds recorded from various places and objects including: streams, toys, plastics, rain, train journeys, keys, the beach and walkie talkies.”
Architect - Trip Hop & Lofi
“A fine selection of production ready sounds, primed and ready to drop into your latest projects. Architect draws influence from the likes of Portishead, Billie Elish and Mac Miller, as well bringing a taste of traditional Latin American music to the format. Discover a solid library of samples that transcends the boundaries of Trip Hop and allows you to look at the genre in an all new light.”
Repeater - Alternative Rock
“Explore a selection of raw sonics that feature a rare fusion of alternative musical styles including industrial, Indie and experimental rock music. Repeater offers a collection of production ready Sounds that ooze with character and individuality. This time pulling influence from bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Muse, Placebo, Nirvana and more; Inside you’ll find grungy guitars, rugged bass, distressed synths, hard driving drums and soaring vocal hooks; All ready and waiting to rock your latest productions.”
The 2021 Mega Bundle won’t be around forever so act now and grab yourself a bargain! Beef up your sound library with 10 awesome Blind Audio sample packs at 80% off!

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