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Mantra Vocals
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Additional Styles: Vocals

Hachion Sound proudly release “MANTRA VOCAL PACK”.

Recorded with the 36th generation abbot Yuta Suzuki at Bourenji Temple.

The official name of Baorenji Temple is "Toorinzan Kazoin Baorenji Temple.

Belonging to the Chizan sect of the Shingon sect, the temple was founded about 700 years ago in 1303, during the reign of Emperor Go Nijo, the 94th emperor of Japan. Later, the entire temple complex was destroyed by fire in the air raid on Tokyo on March 10, 1945, but thanks to the generous support of the parishioners, the main hall was rebuilt in November 1964, and the guest hall and storehouse were completed in December 1980.

This package includes various “Shingon” spoken by Yuta in the Mantra Phrases folder.

The word "Shingon" is a translation of the Sanskrit word "mantra," meaning "the word of truth, the secret word. The word is derived from esoteric Buddhist scriptures such as the Dainichi Sutra, and is a spellbinding word used in many Mahayana Buddhist sects, except for Jodo Shinshu. In Chinese translations of the sutras, the word is translated as "secret word," "curse," "clear spell," etc., in addition to "true word”.

Package also includes “Goeika” in the Mantra Vocal Loops.

Goeika is a Japanese poem of Buddhist teachings in 5-7-5-7-7 form, chanted to a melody. It is one of the traditional religious arts handed down in Japanese Buddhism since the Heian period. Words in the key of 57 or 75 with music are called "Wasan", and in a broader sense, both are treated together as "Goeika".

Please note all mantra’s recorded have positive meanings filled with energy of hopes to peace and are very powerful. Also note that Goeika has it’s own peculiar key and beat, these are sung as “wishes and hopes to speak to god” and not songs in general.

Find also exclusive one-shot sounds recorded with instruments you can only find at Japanese temples. All instruments are used by the abbot for their ascetic practices and traditional activities.

Trumpet Shell is also a special instrument used by abbot for times of discipline. Each phrase actually has a meaning which are used to communicate through the abbots while practicing in the mountains.

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  • 29 FX
  • 30 Instrumental Loops
  • 62 Mantra Phrases
  • 40 Mantra Vocal Loops
  • 30 One Shots
  • 41 Reverse shots
  • 10 Trumpet Shell phrases

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    • 29 FX
    • 30 Instrumental Loops
    • 62 Mantra Phrases
    • 40 Mantra Vocal Loops
    • 30 One Shots
    • 41 Reverse shots
    • 10 Trumpet Shell phrases
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