Audiostrasse aos33 ecosphere space pads 1000 x 512lm i
Echosphere Space Pads
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Genre: FX

Additional Styles: Synths

There is no firm boundary where outer space starts.

Humans began the physical exploration of space during the 20th century with the advent of high-altitude balloon flights, followed by manned rocket launches.

Audiostrasse designed its own musical vision of the interstellar space.  Interstellar space is the physical space within a galaxy beyond the influence of each star on the plasma.

This unique and exclusive collection of sounds is a standpoint because nobody can really define the sound of the universe.

With the continuous technological development we are getting closer and closer to feeling what surrounds our planet.  Outer space is the closest known approximation to a perfect vacuum. It has effectively no friction, allowing stars, planets and moons to move freely along their ideal orbits by generating sounds.

With this 200Mb of sensational loops, you will experience some sensations that you can feel only by using this sample pack.

Composed with sophisticated instruments by a famous music composer from LA, these three-dimensional ambient sounds can be used in the composition of many musical genres to give a soul to your music.

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  • 24 Bit Wav
  • 92 Samples
  • 92 Midi files
  • 26 Ecosphere
  • 38 Space Pads
  • 21 Space Rhythms
  • 7 Space Bonus

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