About Mootant

Mootant specializes in compact Sample Packs presented in 16 sample kit format for use in any software Drum Machine or Sampler. Packs are genre and style themed and exceptionally authentic. Each kits samples are designed to work in context maximizing creative possibilities and kits are volume balanced minimizing inspiration interruptions. The majority of samples for Mootant kits are sampled from analog and digital hardware using class A convertors. Samples are not over processed enabling you to add your own and stamp your identity. Samples are not loudness limited allowing for plenty of headroom giving your plugins room to breathe.

Mootant doesn't believe you need giga size sample packs to inspire your creativity hence packs consist of either three or five sixteen sample kits which come in the form of all one shot samples for the three kit packs and for the five kit packs two of the kits will include loop content.What you hear on the audio demos of all Mootant packs is what you get and the same midi file used in the audio demos is included.  Every pack is built with dedication emphasising quality, authenticity and a sense of organic sound.Samples are recorded and processed using an all hardware set up backed up by decades of record producing and engineering experience. There is serious creative power at your finger tips in these Mini Mootant Packs. All you require is a software Drum Machine or Sampler and a desire to make great Electronic Music.

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