About 12inchsounds

12inch records have fueled dancefloors and clubs around the globe. The music has passed through many hands, enduring the rigours of distributors tastes and DJs playlists, finally making it onto the shelves of a record store.

Today, we have evolved. Whilst physical distribution had its charm, history, and legacy for the culture of dance music, we are well and truly settled in the digital age. At 12inchsounds, we acknowledge the journey of careful selection and musical taste, striving to bring that same level of care, quality, and attention to a sample label.

We are proud to be working with some of the most experienced producers in the scene. Our sounds are focused on high-quality original dancefloor grooves, where feeling and vibe remain at the forefront of what we create, giving you an authentic feel and head start in your music before you've even hit the studio.

Welcome to 12inchsounds!

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