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Genre: Jungle

Additional Styles: Drums, Jungle, and Drum and Bass


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 90 - 182

Volume One was a killer and this sequel has nothing to envy to its predecessor. If you’re looking for old school real drum elements; no need to search elsewhere, just grab this pack! I just hope Loopmasters has got enough old school material for releasing a third episode!

A huge collection of jungle-inspired drum loops, all freshly recorded using a real drummer, and...

Full Review

Loopmasters have smashed it out of the park with this one .. again!, Another fresh pack of clean Jungle Breaks to slip into your productions!. Original Jungle Breaks 2 is another funky, powerful selection of over 1000 loops and hits to abuse! Standard Lloopmasters high end quality, absolutely essential!

This pack takes me back to the original days of Jungle, very authentic which is so good and a great selection, this genre has a timeless quality if you use these Breaks very cleverly. Very generous amount of sounds, you are confronted with a Hits folder with all the elements you really truly will ever need to build your perfect jungle kit, very impressed as back in the day you would have to chop, speed or slow down up to get your own break that sat well with your composition / arrangement, but here you have every thing to start programming your own breaks and so much more. Hi Hats sound nice, and the Cymbals, then you get Kicks which still have the elements from a chopped loop which gives it dust and dirt. I really like that they have added Shuffles which is a great touch, giving your break beat programming so much more of a live sounding kit and adding so much character. Lovely sounding Rim shots and Snares, which again is so vital in this genre which is about giving it that truly authentic sound which still remains so popular today. A very small collection of Percussion elements are included, but that's OK as they are hits which can be programmed in so many ways. Good to see Sampler Patches as always, which opens up so many possibilities along with a Loop Folder, which just gives you so many breaks to work with and mix and match. Bring on Pack 3 if this is the standard.

This is a pretty good breaks library for drum and bass. There are the old classics of course, but also a few different ones. For the most part the beats are tidy and well edited. They are all very much usable. If you like that old school sound, or want to reinforce your own created kits, a pack like this is invaluable. A good addition to your sample library.


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