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Genre: EDM

Additional Styles: House, Progressive House, and EDM


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 126 - 130

Amazing loop set of Progressive EDM. Really the sound of now...and you cant go wrong with anything in this set. This is one of those sets anyone doing EDM will love. The synths are crisp and clean with great chord progressions.The beats are definitely progressive and lean on the tribal side, with just the right amount of added percussion. The basslines are electroish and there's lots to choose from. The chord loops are absolutely my favorite. Another great one from Loopmasters !!

Well produced pack but personally speaking I found it a bit on the trance side rather than the progressive side which it is billed as some cool drum sounds in this pack and I am sure it will work well for people just starting out who are looking for ready to go loops.

i like this package, good stuff in there, very useful sounds and the variety is great! there's a lot of single shots to include in existing productions, all fits well and sounds phat! the melody lines etc. can help a lot to create own ideas as well.

This is a very cool pack - has some great qualities as a stand alone pack

Very diverse and great quality samples and loops

Would definitely recommend this one

This is genuinely one of the best packs we've ever had the pleasure of using. Jam-packed full of really useful music, bass and drum loops that would suit a big cross-section of styles - not just "EDM".. whatever that is! :)

We would definitely recommend this but hope that nobody actually buys it so we can keep all the loops for own tracks.

Really impressed with this pack. I particularly like some of the single hits and drum sounds; some really highly produced sounds in here, and some of the melodic loops are really inspirational too. I'd recommend this to anyone looking to create any form of synth-driven House music.

A stunning collection! There is so much usable material covered in this pack and is one of the best produced I ever heard..Tons of synth and drum loops..No Filler!Will definitely be using this in my productions..

Probably the most varied of the EDM packs and most accomplished, at least to my untrained 'EDM' ear.
Fairly useful in various musical styles as long as you're creative. Drum loops most useful to me as they're not specifically 'EDM' but really just main room chunky loops


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